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Punjab Food Tour (Crossroads Adventure)

Overview of the tour

Do you value taste variation? It would turn out to be an unprecedented food adventure. Refresh your taste sense with enriched savory dishes. On this food tour with Crossroads Adventure and the company, we will taste some delicious culinary of Punjab province of Pakistan. From enjoying the best street food of Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore to the scrumptious street food of Murree, Crossroads Adventure is honored to provide this tasty tour to try out different Punjabi cuisines. A must-tour for all the food lovers out there. The desired season of the adventure would be from September to April, as Summer might be scorching hot.

How would you be Entertained in the Trip?
  • Do you have yearning for ambrosial food? Get it in the planned trip. Satisfy your tasteful desires with the most ravishing dishes of distinctive Pakistani food culture.

  • Can you deny the heavenly experience of tasting exquisite finger licking food? No body manages to oppose such a mesmerizing moreish opportunity. You will not mind get some extra calories by experiencing the heavenly taste.

  • Do you want to taste flavorsome traditional food? Here you will get in abundance. The famous Indian food, the enriched Mughal food having Turkish touch, and the ambrosial Persian Food is waiting for your visit.

  • Wait! That’s not all. We have designed to take you to the historic UNESCO’S declared World Heritage Sites of Lahore, you will not like to miss them right. Enjoy the archeological experience with taste.
  • Are you a veggie, or a meat lover? Do you like desserts, or value soups? Do you want more spicy juicy food, or healthy, tasty organic one? You will get all in just one journey. So, be part of this unmatched flavorful odyssey, and give some moments of appetizing relief to your tired soul.
Is this the Desired Trip for You?
  • During the journey you might encounter hot weather conditions, so take precautionary measures.
  • The areas under visit are safe, and secure, however cautious approach from the travelers is needed.
  • There is no reasonable height, hence no need to worry about altitude.
  • Remain vigilant during your food choice especially if you are under some medical complexities
A Brief Upshot:
  • Starting Point
  • Ending point
  • Primary Destinations.

  • Group Size.

  • Group Age.
  • Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

  • Islamabad,capital of Pakistan

  • Lahore, Islamabad, Murree, Rawalpindi
  • 2 to 15
  • 20 to 65
Services included in the package 
  • Invitation letter
  • Airport transfers

  • Meals (3 meals a day)
  • Free accommodation , entrance tickets, and transportation for the team leader (Mr.Manoel)

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast 
  • Transportation and fuel
  • Service of experienced English-speaking guide ((accommodation, food, wages)

  • Expenses of driver (accommodation, food, wages)
  • All toll taxes 
  • All parking charges
Services not included in the package
  • International flights
  • Extra at hotels like drinks, laundry, phone calls, and room services,
  • Entrance tickets
  • Insurance liability
  • Tips, items not mentioned above
  • Any other not mentioned above 
Tour Highlights:
  • Enjoy the whole experience made easy and manageable by Crossroads Adventure Leader.
  • Explore the diverse culture of Punjab.

  • Taste some delicious delicacies of Punjabi cuisine.

  • Get to know more about the historical impacts on the food of Punjab.

  • Be amazed to know about different rulerships over Punjab and their effects.
  • Camping and hiking in the hills of Margalla.
  • Recognize UNESCO acclaimed sites, such as Shalimar Bagh.
  • Last but not the least, to witness that people from completely different belief systems used to and could still live harmoniously

After settling in a hotel we will go for a city tour and sight-seeing including several local restaurants such as Quetta cafe, Pakistan Monument, Faisal Mosque, etc. Islamabad being a multicultural metropolis, will bring you the fusion of various cuisines from Kashmir, Punjab, Sindh, and Hunza. Overnight stay in Islamabad.

After some delicious breakfast of Halwa, Puri, and channy with hot tea we will go for an early hike in the hills of Margala towards Monal restaurant at the top where we will enjoy the cuisines offered and the view nature provides. The journey will showcase the beauty of this new city, which is encircled by mountainous beauty and lots of green spots around it.
Hike back or take a cab from the top of the hills down to a local cafe for tea time. Some free time to rest and Overnight stay in Islamabad.

A beautiful few minutes’ drive from Islamabad is Rawalpindi Food Street where we will spend our full day on foot, exploring various restaurants, cuisines from Breakfast to dinner, tasting some delicious meals and snacks throughout the day, and return to the lodging and rest.

After some quick breakfast in Islamabad, we will leave for Lahore early morning. Lahore is a 5 hours’ drive from Islamabad so if we leave early we will able to witness the Parade at the Wagha border. The Wagah Border is where Pakistan and India meet, it’s a unique experience in which you enjoy soldiers from both sides raising and lowering their flags in a light-hearted and ceremonious manner. You’ll also enjoy seasonal street snacks including gol gappy and tangy chaats. We will have dinner near the Badshahi Mosque and Minar-e- Pakistan serving you true Punjabi flavors in the most classical ambiance with the music in the background making you feel as if you have indeed been transported to the Mughal era. Overnight stay in Lahore.

We will visit the Walled City of Lahore where after some traditional breakfast we will roam around and get mesmerized by the architecture from the Mughal and Colonial eras. Afterward to the main Anarkali Bazaar to have some delicious pure Punjabi Lunch/dinner. Overnight stay in Lahore.

: Time to yourself for shopping and a trip to Liberty Market and visit Shalimar Baagh and some more UNESCO claimed sites.

Before leaving Lahore we will have some yummy breakfast and start our journey towards Islamabad and then directly to Murree where we will stay at a local hotel and enjoy the mountainous view while enjoying local dishes in lunch/dinner.

After a goodnight’s sleep we will visit the infamous Murree Mall Road and explore it thoroughly enjoying every street food there and shopping. Overnight in Murree

Return drive to Islamabad and into the hills for a bonfire and camping. Overnight camp and stargazing in Islamabad.

Exciting Activities:
  • Islamabad.

  • Rawalpindi.
  • Lahore.             
  • Murree.
  • City Tour, Hiking
  • City Tour, Focus on Food
  • City Tour, Focus on Food
  • Walk in Nature, Taste Food
Description of places and Cuisines
Lahori Cuisine

Food is a language that brings us all together. Being under the rulership of various emperors from Hindus to Mughals and then Britain, the city of Lahore offers a vast variety of options when it comes to gastronomy. The Anarkali Bazaar is one of the most popular food mustreets in Lahore where eyes and stomach rejoice at such a wonderful welcohavingme and hospitality of people. Almost every street-side restaurant in tow,in is absolutely oHereut the door where ith lines of customers. The ever-bustling famous food street toof Gawalmandi is glorious. Along with traditional local food, Chinese, western and foreign fotheods are popular throughout the city and have often been fused with local recipes to create refined tastes. A few of the most delicious dishes in Lahori Cuisine are Gosht karahi (chicken or mutton cooked with a spicy tomato-based gravy in a concave-shaped cooking vessel that resembles a wok), Dal gosht (meat cooked with pulses), Murgh Musallam (chicken cooked with rice and dry fruits stuffed inside), Seekh kababs (minced meat rolls) Gol Gappa, Shawarma, Biryani, Haleem, Falooda, Halwa Poori (a breakfast specialty of Lahore), Nihari, Samosa, Paya (dish), Lahori Fried Fish, Chargha (Lahori-style roast chicken) and many many more.

Rawalpindi Cuisine

The food culture of Rawalpindi is very rich and versatile. Apart from many exciting places to visit and other tourist attractions, the food scene of Rawalpindi is on. You can find innumerable sweet and savory dishes in the city. Burgers, pasta, BBQ, soups, pulao, biryani, nihari anything you name, it is there. Vats of delicious nihari, massive cauldrons of steaming paye, the sizzle of spicy pathooras on industrial-scale woks, and the cries of various food mongers hawking their wares greet you as you walk into the alley. Many famous restaurants and places are collectively present in Rawalpindi Food Street where every dish is available, making the food experience convenient.


The capital territory of Pakistan is best for sightseeing and a beautiful hiking trip to monal restaurant and enjoy the meal and a great view of Margala hills.

Multani Cuisine

Saraiki cuisine refers to the native food of the Saraiki people in central Pakistan. The mixed style of cooking including the Saraiki-speaking region of southern Punjab, as well as parts of southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, northern Sindh, and northeastern Balochistan. Saraiki food comprises many different local dishes and also shares influences with neighboring regional cuisines. The metropolitan city of Multan is a hub of Saraiki cooking. Multani Saraiki cuisine includes Phikka Khuwa, Maal Pooray, Chilra (Dosa), Satto, Kupri, Bhatt, Dodha, Lassi, Kakko, Dillay aali Siwiyan, Billay aali Siwiyan, sohbat, etc. Sohan halwa is a traditional specialty of southern Punjab, particularly Multan. It is a halwa dessert that is prepared by boiling a mixture of water, sugar, milk, and cornflour until solidified. Saffron is used for flavoring while ghee is used to prevent it from sticking to the pan. All this delicious food can be eaten at the Chungi number 6 Multan Food Street.

Murree Mall road cuisine

Murree’s Mall Road is a famous small stretch of the road having several shops and restaurants. It’s popular among people around the country and tourists all over the world. Mall Road is a huge populated road in Murree in fact during summer it would be jam for traffic due to a huge number of people walk on this road. Mall Road is the best-crowded shopping place in Marree for buying anything. Tourists when visiting Pakistan must make a stop at Mall road Murree to enjoy the food whilst looking at the panoramic view.

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