Enlightening trail offers an opportunity to encounter new art, culture, music, and heritage and to understand their interrelation and intersection with other components of the society. We uncover the colorful history of different cultures, and civilizations, stories behind the hidden iconic landmarks.

Discover the enthralling world of fascinating Art and plethora of diverse cultures in Pakistan that is home to a variety of cultural heritage
. By providing comfortable and affordable traveling; our itineraries focus on letting you experience the wonderful sub-cultures and artistry. Be it the ruins of Indus valley civilization, Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro , Takht Bahi, Texila; Museums where the remains of bygone era reside, mysterious mountain tribes of Kalasha or Gilgit Baltistan, vibrant traditions of walled cities of Lahore and Peshawar, and enigmatic ethos of coastal cities of Karachi and Baluchistan. Pakistan is a hub of numerous cultures having their own distinct language, traditional dresses, cuisines, music and dances, and various forms of art. Art & Culture Expeditions Pakistan

The unique cultural experience that Pakistan offers along with the unmatched hospitality, makes Pakistan one of the finest destinations to immerse with amazing culture and enjoy different forms of art that are exclusive to this part of the world.

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