If you’re a ravenous nomad, and love to try out delicious food as much as humanly possible, then, Pakistan is a hot destination for you.

Whether it is mouthwatering meat dishes like Kabab, Karahi, Paye, Haleem or delicious rice dishes in the form of world-famous

Biryani or Kabli Palao, or delightful sea food in the far-off places like Gilgit-Baltistan or Karachi, Pakistan has it all. Even if you’re a

vegetarian, you’ll be equally impressed to eat various vegetable curries.

To add further flavors, Pakistan also has rich deserts like Jalebi, Halwa and infinite varieties of sweets. Along with wonderful dishes,

the roadside drinks such as sugar-cane juice, lemonade, or juice of dried apricots made only in Gilgit-Baltistan will stimulate your

taste buds in a different way.

Therefore, join us for an affordable and memorable whirlwind culinary tour that your taste buds will remember forever.