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Beautiful lakes of Pakistan. Dudipatsar lake

A life without adventure in life is like a body without a soul. Don’t spend your summers lying on the bed or doing work in an office. Have the courage to get up, pack your stuff and move into the natural world of multispectral lakes to bring vigor to your dull life. The Northern Areas of Pakistan, a mesmerizing region nestled amidst the mighty mountain ranges, is a destination that captures the essence of heaven on Earth. Traveling to several beautiful breath-taking lake sites in Pakistan would be a marvelous idea, however, that needs courage and you will have to show it. Stretching from the north to South Pakistan is blessed with several mesmerizing lakes each offering opportunities for recreational activities such as Jeep Safaris, Camping, Rafting, Boating, bonfires, and many more activities like this. For your ease, we have listed below the Top 15 beautiful lakes in Pakistan

The Majestic Lake Saif ul Muluk

In the KPK province and district Mansehra is where the unparallel fairy tale lake is located. It is approximately 9km north of the exhilarating Naran Valley. You can reach there via jeep drive or trekking. Surrounded by the scenic beauty of mighty mountains especially the Malika Parbat known as Mountain of the Darkness, where according to the folk tales the fairies reside. Being the most popular lake, it is easily accessible during summers, you can accompany other tourists on the way.

The Unmatched Ansoo Lake

The unique Ansu Lake is present in the distinguishing Kaghan Valley of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. the lake got its name from the world Ansoo in the Urdu language which means tears. It is an eye-shaped lake that is why it is assumed that the eye is filled with tears. It provides a scenic view of the Hindukush Range mountains especially the majestic Malika Parbat. The best way to reach there is trekking through the natural wilderness during summers, as winter snow covers it entirely.

The Magniloquent Lulusar Lake

A beautiful chilled water body is present in the external Kaghan Valley of KPK province in Pakistan. Lulusar Lake is known for its magnificent height of 3,410m and for the scenic view of snowy peaks around it. The water appears green and the cool breeze prevails in the surrounding.

Dudiptsar Lake

This enriched lake provides magnificence to the Lulusar-Dudiptsar National Park which is present in the northern part of the serene Kaghan Valley of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province.  Ideal place for encamping on the fresh grass beside the sweet water lake, encapsulated by snow-capped mountains.

Satpara Lake

Satpara lake also known as Fairy’s Lake is situated in the Skardu District of  Gilgit Baltistan Province. It is one of the great fresh blue water lakes surrounded by rocky mountains, famous for its mesmerizing height, 2,636 meters above sea level, and holds the dignified status of being the largest Fresh Water Lake in the country. It is also one of the main water sources for Skardu city. This natural masterpiece is present in between the great Deosai National Park, and the main Skardu City.

The Snowy Rush Lake

The Rush lake is an alluring high altitude lake, 5,098m above sea level, and is considered as one of the greatest alpine lakes in the world. This exceptional water body is present in the Nagar Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan.  It is termed the 25th highest lake in the world. It is accessible during summers through the perpetual experience of trekking. On the way, one can explore the photogenic views of the great Malubiting, Phuparash Peak, Spantik, and Ultarsar heights.

top 15 beautiful lakes in Pakistan

The Renowned Sheosar Lake

Sheosar Lake is surrounded by grassy high lands in the Deosai National Park and is the ultimate choice. if you are interested to experience beauty on the roof of the world then this lake is the right choice for you. This extremely high altitude 4,142 meters freshwater reservoir is another natural wonder. You can access the place via Skardu, and Astore,  by trekking or a jeep drive. Being part of Reserved Park the surrounding is filled with distinct species of animals like Golden Marmot, Snow Leopard, Foxes, Ibex.

The Glorious Attabad Lake

Attabad lake holds great significance due to its unique birth. Back in 2010, a massive landslide in the Gojal Valley of the Gilgit Baltistan region blocked the passage of the Hunza River, thus the water submerged the surrounding place as well as 18km of the Karakorum Highway. Now you will find a deep blue lake in the lap of rocky mountains, with a width of 13miles, and a depth of 100 meters. You can experience free boating in sanguine surroundings. The lake is located in upper Hunza called Gojal valley.

top 15 beautiful lakes in Pakistan

The Beautiful Karambar Lake

It is another high-altitude water body present in the Ishkomen Tensil of District Ghizer in Gilgit Baltistan. It is ranked 31st in the world, and 2nd in Pakistan in terms of height, 4,304 meters. Keep yourself at ease, get access to this region through Gilgit City, 205km away.

Karambar lake is stretched across 3.9km with a depth of 52 meters and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains offering spectacular views.

The Delighted Kachura Lake

Known for its enchanting beauty, the mesmerizing Kachura lake is in Skardu city of Gilgit Baltistan Province.  With an average height of 2,500 meters, this exceptionally beautiful place is segmented between upper Kachura and Lower Kachura Lake. The lower Kachura Lake is also known as Shangrila Lake and is famous for the majestic Shangrila Resort in its surrounding. A comfortable place, where you find peace in beauty. The spectacular beauty combines with serenity also termed Heaven on Earth. Similarly, the Upper Kachura Lake is at the feet of the great Karakorum, and the Himalayan Ranges, with a depth of 70meters, totally freezes during winter, and 15 C during summer, thus, you can freely enjoy scenic beauty during summers.

The Distinctive Ratti Gali Lake

Now, turn to the Patch of Heaven on Earth, the Kashmir Valley. This enraptured glacial Alpine Lake is present in the maleficent Neelam Valley. The approximate height is 12,130 feet, and the water runs down when the glaciers melt by golden sun rays.  It is totally covered lake in the feet of icy mountains and doesn’t possess any of the inlets for springs, and rivers. If you wish to get there then the best season is summer.

op 15 beautiful lakes in Pakistan “,

Shounter Lake

A  Beautiful scenic Lake located in the calmed Shounter Valley, part of Neelam Valley. At an elevation of 10,200feet, this exceptional reservoir is filled with chilled fresh water from the melting glaciers. You will find natural abundance in the region, whether, it is the snowy peaks or the grasslands filled with flora, and fauna especially the large number of Iris Hookeriana are present in this lake. Need to get refreshed there? Plan your journey during summers otherwise, you would find yourself in the land of snow during winters. The easy access is from the Kel region via a jeep track. Once reached you can enjoy camping in the refreshing settings. Ultimately you will find yourself in luxury beauty.

The Adventurous Mahodand Lake

Nature is blessed in its utmost to this exceptional Lake, termed as Lake of Fishes. Located in the Kalam Valley of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province, the elevated 2,900 meters, luxurious natural setting attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is present 40km away from the main Kalam Valley. The best time to visit is the summers when the place is filled with wildflowers fragrance. Encapsulated by the Hindukush Mountain Range, lush green meadows, and Pine forests, filled by the melting glaciers. You can explore the region through camping, boating, outdoor cooking, and other related activities.

The Glorious Swaik Lake

Swaik Lake is an unequaled blue watered lake present in Tehsil Kallar Kahar in District Chakwal in Punjab Province. Its approximate height is 754meters and is easily accessible in all seasons. Its prolonged waterfalls males it for swimming. You can get there through 45-minute trekking from the M2 motorway. You can experience cliff diving and also explore the beautiful surrounding through walking.

Haleji Lake

Are you excited to visit the Largest Bird Sanctuary of Asia, then it is here, the grand Haleji lake. If you are a professional photographer, then try out the lake for capturing clicks of unique bird species especially during summers as birds travel down to Haleji from Serbia.  It is a magnificent freshwater lake located in District Thatta of Sindh Province.

Hope that it is now easy for you to select the destination of your choice, nature is calling you, answer its calls, and delve down into the calmness of mother nature. If it is hard for you to begin the adventure alone, accompany other like-minded individuals in a setting of a professional tourism campaign, try out the Crossroads Adventure for safe, and exploration of nature.

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