Faisal mosque Islamabad

Faisal Mosque Islamabad

Top 12 fascinating places in Pakistan must visit

Pakistan is a multi-destination land that projects enthralling traveling adventures to its visitors. It not only hosts magnanimous natural attractions in the form of 5 top lofty mountains of the word with snowy peaks, the far-fetching deserts of Thal, and Thar, the green-carpeted hills of Abbottabad, and Swat, the chilled water high altitude lakes, the cultural heritage sites, the architectural masterpieces of Mughal, and colonial period, and diversified distinguishing culture of different regions. When you plan a trip to this exceptional land, you would be confused to choose your priority list. This article is written to minimize your frustration if you are planning to visit Pakistan later or sooner. We would present you with the essential things which you must undertake during your journey to make it memorable for you.

Here is a list  of top 12 fascinating places in Pakistan you must visit

1. A Visit to Mughal Heritage Sites in Lahore

Mughal emperors ruled the region from 15th century AD to 19th century AD. During their rule, they founded the unmatched architectural masterpieces with the amalgamation of Persian, and Hindu art. The distinguishing memories of the Mughal era are in the form of the grand Badshahi Mosque knows for its extended yard and Islamic art and calligraphy along with the architectural magnificence. The Shahi Fort is no less than an unprecedented wonder of the world with its beauty, delicacy, and design. Don’t forget to visit Wazir Khan Mosque for cognizance about exceptional Islamic Art. Minar e Pakistan and Allama Iqbal Tomb would add spice to your journey.

2. A Special Visit to Old Bazaars

Yes, these are the locations where you could find a glimpse of the entire culture of the region. So, you never prefer to ignore such a mesmerizing destination right? If you are in Karachi pay a visit to the famous Bohri Bazaar, in Lahore visit Anarkali Bazaar likewise in Peshawar visit Qissa Khawani Bazaar. In the same manner, every city of Pakistan carries one or more such antiquated Bazaars where you would find every single item you need. If you are a foodie you will have a wide range of dishes, if you have to carve for shopping you would find a magnanimous variety of clothes, shoes, jewelry, shawls, caps, local handicrafts, and much more. Hence it is suggested to find time for paying a visit to the local bazaar in every city you come across.

3. Plan Special Adventure to Islamabad

The city is termed as the second most beautiful capital of the world. It was founded in 1960 on the pattern of modern Urban planning structure. It is known for its natural beauty, the majestic city is surrounded by Margela Hills. If you love hiking choose one of the trails to execute your plan. Apart from natural beauty, the city also carries architectural masterpieces like the grand Faisal Mosque with distinctive art, a great hall without any single pillar. The next interesting piece is the Pakistan Monument. Similarly, the Lok Virsa gives a deep insight into the different cultures across the country.  You would like to dine outdoor among the pine trees right? Margella restaurant would be a better choice. There is much more to experience in this beautiful city.

4. Pay Homage to Shrines in Multan

This southern Punjab city is known for the abundance of Sufi Shrines. If you incline the soul-refreshing Sufi Music, a craving for the unique Islamic calligraphy, and a love for distinctive high-quality architecture, you must give time to different shrines and other artifacts of this magical city. The holy sites like the Tomb of Shah Shams Sabzwari, Tomb of Shah Rukh Alam also known as Bahauddin  Zakaria, Mausoleum of Bibi Pak Daman would engage your enervated soul.  The other interesting sites which you should prioritize are Ghanta Ghar, Delhi Gate,  Fort Kohna, and the beautiful white building of Multan Garrison Mess.

5. Spare Time for Historical sites.

The country hosts 26 World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO. Since the regions remained as the center for enriched cultures in history thus, their marks, and ruins are still present to speak for their glory. Pay an unforgettable visit to the sites of the grandeur Indus Valley Civilization in the present-day Harappa and Mohenjodaro cites. The other important site is the Taxila, and Swat Valleys which carries the remains of the unexplored Buddhist Civilization. You can witness the glory of this magnificent civilization in the beheaded Stupas, the magniloquent Monasteries, the Stone carvings, and also the local museums carry some items like jewelry, weapons, handicrafts.

6. Wagah Border Ceremony

If you are in Lahore then keep in mind to attend the glorious parade for the lowering of the flag from the special security forces of Indian, and Pakistan on both sides of the border every evening. Since 1959 the custom is followed. The customize lifting ceremony of guards in the presence of cheers from the crowd is worth watching. More vigor is added on special occasions like Independence day on 14th August, or Pakistan day on 23rd March. The magnificent parade lasts for 45 minutes. It will add vigor to your adventure.

7. Hiking to Lake Saif Ul Mulook

If you want to release your stress, take refuge in the natural wilderness. Prepare yourself for a memorable experience of natural exploration through an adventurous walk to the lake of fairies surrounded by lofty mountains with snowy peaks. It is present in the suburb of the serene Naran Kaghan Valleys of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Provine. You can reach this majestic place through a Jeep Drive, Horse riding, or walk. You would love to enjoy camping beside the majestic lake. According to the local folk’s tales, every full bright moon night fairies visit this enchanted lake for a fortnight bath. The breathtaking beauty speaks for its glory.

8. Visit the Khewra Salt Mine

If you are in Pakistan, must plan a journey for the sightseeing of the city of salt. Khewra Salt Mines are the second largest salt reserves in the world located in the Jhelum District. You would witness marvelous monuments in a salt cave surrounded by pools of saltwater. The miniatures of Minar e Pakistan, Great Wall of China, Allama Iqbal Statue, and a beauty Mosque made up of colorful salt bricks.  Several restaurants would serve your hunger.  You would enjoy a train safari. It is the central point of salt therapy to treat various diseases, you can also avail yourself an opportunity for such sound therapy.

9. Enjoy Pleasure in the Majestic Natural Setting of Fairy Meadows National Park

Do you love trekking? If so, don’t skip the walking to the Nanga Parbat Base Champ in the charming grassy land which carries wild fragranced flowers, cool breeze, pine trees, freshwater lakes, and mountainous view of the lofty peak, the grand icy topped Nanga Parbat at a magnanimous height. This enchanted place is located in the District Diamer of Gilgit Baltistan Province. This national asset host the distinguishing species of flora, and fauna.  It will add beauty, and vitality to your journey.

10. Get Yourself Engage in the Delighted Hunza Valley

If you want to witness the abundance of nature, along with the hospitability and simplicity?  Hunza valley is worth mentioning place. A beautiful valley traversed by the mighty Hunza River, surrounded by peaks like Rakaposhi, inhabited by the most civilized and beautiful people of the reason with enriched culture. Apart from the serene terraced fields, far-fetching fresh fruit gardens, the local unique carpet weaving center for the disabled, the place is famous for the twin Alit, and Baltit Forts. You can further explore the beauty of surroundings like the enraptured Passu Cones, the magniloquent Attabad lake, the Rakaposhi viewpoint, and much more.

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11. Get Relaxed in the Shangrilla Resort

A beautiful resort has been waiting for your entrance in a sanguine milieu of the magnificent Skardu Valley. This masterpiece has been constructed alongside the blue freshwater Kachura Lake. Surrounded by mountains of Himalayas, Hindukush, and Karakorum range. You can reach the Karakorum base champ if you strive for it. Enjoy your feast in the breathtaking beauty of nature. You can also experience boating and walking to the upper Kachura Lake.

Hopefully, this guide has been successful in presenting you with a clear view of the most wanted things you can get along with during your trip to Pakistan. If you want to explore more join the CrossRoads Adventure.

12. A Thorough Exploration of Karachi

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan which hosts the 3 most significant sites. The first one is Mizar e Quaid also know as Quaid Museum, it is the resting place of the great founder of the country. You must undertake a visit especially during the time of sunset to experience the natural setting. While being in  Karachi you must pay a visit to the one Dome Mosque to witness the architectural magnificence. The next recommended spot is Clifton Beach to take the sun bask in the serenity of the Arabian sea. If you can manage to pay a visit to the shrine of Laal Shahbaz Qalander to recharge your tired soul with Sufi music and dance which act as a tonic for lifeless mind, and heart.


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