Baltistan is a land where the three extravagant mountains of the Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindu-Kush greet each other, the simplicity and harmony of the province is a treat for the mind and soul. The region is known to be surrounded by the highest and greatest number of mountains around the world such as K2 the world’s second highest mountain. It is situated in the Karakoram mountains just to the south of K2. It contains the highest peaks of the Karakoram, including K2. It has daunting plains, wonderful lakes and alpine mountains. Shanghai-La, Deosai plain, Satpara, Basho etc. are adorable places to visit. In the north of Skardu, Shigar valley fascinates the people by its splendid plains, hiking tracks, tempting peaks ad camping sites. other worth mentioning valleys in Baltistan region are Khaplu, Rondu, Kachura and Sheosar Lake

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