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What to Offer?

Are you inclined to explore the secrets of nature mother? Have you got the vitality to observe the grand Mountain of Darkness (Terich Mir), the highest mountain of Hindukush mountain range in Pakistan, personal effort of walking on highlands? We have devised a trekking adventure to help you to achieve bigger. The great adventure of trekking in the country’s most remote northwestern hill sites, starts from Islamabad, via Lowari pass reaches Chitral, arrives Shagrom which is considered to be the last resort of human residence in the region, the trekking adventure begins by walking to the first base camp, Sheniak and after crossing different spots reaches the viewpoint of the splendid Terich Concordia and other hauteur peaks. On the way back a thorough visit of the distinguishing Kalash Valley and then on reaching the capital, the journey concludes. The magnificent experience offers a personal exploration of the grand Mountains, glaciers, grasslands, freshwater streams, and lakes. It provides an opportunity to refresh your dull mind and fragile soul, by walking in serenity in steep graveled paths. The cultural experience of the distinctive Kalashi Tribe, as well as knowledge about the Ghandhara civilization, are extra gifts for the team members. The best time to visit the region is from May to September, as the winter appears to be chilling.

How would you be Entertained on this Trip?
  • Have your vision is tired of witnessing monotonous surroundings? Offer it an unprecedented experience. Sharpen it with natural artifacts. Explore the eye-catching views of Hindu Raj, and Hindukush Mountain ranges, which are easily distinguishable due to their astonishing color contrast. View the impressive peaks like the king Tirich Mir (7708m), Istor o Nal (7403m), and the Noshaq (7492m).
  • You would love a Jeep drive at the top, right? Get this opportunity in this planned odyssey. Drive up to the majestic viewpoint, Zani Pass (3840m), height. Recharge yourself in a perfect natural ambiance surrounded by skyrocketing, icy top mountains.
  • Experiencing dull summers again? Make it adventurous by trekking through the heavenly pastures of Bandok, and Athak extended to the Sheniak Birch Jungle in tranquility, and remoteness. Spend some moments under the shade of Willow trees. A chilled and highly challenging trekking on upper, and lower Terich Glacier.
  • Have you ever heard about the centuries-old, and distinguished Kailash Tribe in Citral Valley? It’s time to get a close experience with the individuals of this famous tribe. Witness their fascinative outfits, distinguishing customs, their unique lofe style, home structures, and their folk music.

Is this the Desired Trip for You?
  • We have planned to walk at magnanimous height, so be careful about the evident outcomes at high altitude.
  • During trekking, you need to be careful in steep paths on slippery glaciers.
  • The security of the region is good, but self care is required.
A Brief Upshot:
  • Starting Point
  • Ending point
  • Primary Destinations.

  • Group Size.

  • Group Age.
  • Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

  • Islamabad,capital of Pakistan

  • Chitral Valley, Kalash Tribe, Shogran Valley, Trek Route to Terich Mir
  • 5 to 15
  • 25 to 55
Services included in the package
  • Accommodation (standard hotel twin sharing/ tents)
  • Meals (3 meals a day)
  • Porters
  • Transportation and fuel
  • Service of experienced English-speaking guide ((accommodation, food, wages)
  • Expenses of driver (accommodation, food, wages)
  • Boating at Attabad lake
  • All toll taxes
  • Altit fort ticket
  • Baltit fort ticket
  • All parking charges
Services not included in the package
  • International flights & domestic flights
  • Extra at hotels like drinks, laundry, phone calls, and room services,
  • Trekking permit
  • Insurance liability
  • Tips, items not mentioned above
  • Any other not mentioned above
Trip Highlights:
  • Perpetual experience of difficult walk on remote hills in the peaceful milieu.
  • Enjoy the serenity of nature away from the hustle and bustles of modern life.
  • The organic experience of trekking on rocky paths.
  • The unforgettable adventure of camping on fresh grass with wildflowers and bushes in a clean atmosphere.
  • The journey on the acknowledged height brings the feeling of an elevated life.
  • Enjoy the cool breeze coming from the great Glacier Concordia.
  • The opportunity of walking/skating on the natural snow belt at remarkable height.

  • Cognizance of the unmatched culture of Kalashi Tribe.
  • Witness the remains of Ghandhara Civilization while visiting Peshawer Museum.
  • Tasting healthy, nutritious, and delicious local dishes to satisfy the sense of taste.

Receiving international guests at the airport. Taking to the hotel. After a brief rest in the afternoon a memorable tour of numerous beautiful tourist spots of the city like Faisal Mosque, Lok Versa, Rawal Lake, and Pakistan Monument.

The enhanted Chital Valley is 389.8 km away from Islamabad. After early morning breakfast, the mission sets towards Chitral via Lowari pass which connects the Dir region to Chitral. On the unparalleled mountainous pass, one can witness the breathtaking natural scenes. Dinner and night stay in the Chitral city.

After post early morning delicious breakfast, the grand mission starts. Our first destination will be the magniloquent mountain viewpoint Zani Pass (3480m), it offers an unprecedented view of the Hindukush and Hindu Raj mountains. Now the jeep drive concludes and the walking initiates downwards the Shagrom valley(2900m), which is the ultimate human settlement of the region. Night stay and dinner at Terichmir Hotel.

Followed by a gustful and nutritious breakfast, walking towards the first base camp initiates. The beautiful journey proceeds alongside the Terich River. After passing the marvelous landscapes like the terraced fields, grasslands with fragranced wildflowers, and trees of every size on summer pastures. After a pleasant 5 to 6 hours walk, finally we will reach the campsite for a night stay.

After a simple outdoor breakfast at a magnanimous height in the presence of a cool breeze and golden sun rays, a further walk begins. A memorable experience of the trek on lower Terich Glacier is gathered. Subsequently, reaches the next camp area, the Shughur Basin, after a tiresome 5 to 6 hours walk. Night stay and dinner at the camp.

Post an outdoor simple breakfast with hot tea/coffee, the energetic journey towards more height and cold begins. The mission walks beside the grandeur upper Terich Mir Glacier and the proximal peak Terich Mir itself. Followed by a perpetual experience of 5 to 6 hours walk, finally reached at Noshaq and Istor o Nal base camp (4700m). Here the entire world is assumed to be under feet. The panoramic view of Terich Concordia and surrounding Peaks captivates body, mind, and soul thoroughly. A heavenly experience of camping beside the chilled water lake. Night stay and dinner in the maleficent height.

The unparalleled experience of being on the roof of the world, and viewing the mighty peaks in an equaled position is wondrous. The crystal clear lake surrounded by grassy land filled with precious wild herbs provides an opportunity for study. Witnessing the far-fetching ice belt in Glacier Concordia is beyond the wordy explanation. Night stay and dinner in the camp.

Reach after 4 to 5 hours walk, Camping, and night stay.

Reach after 4 to 5 hours walk through the jungle of Birch and Willow trees. Camping and night stay.

Reach after 4 to 5 hours walk. Night stay in a local house, after a delicious and mouth-watering dinner.
Reach the city after approximately 5 hours jeep drive. A brief exploration of the city bazaar and surrounding areas for cultural knowledge. Dinner and night stay in hotel.
. Kalash Valley is not only famous for its calm and serene ambiance but also for its organic and distinctive culture. At the lap of tall mountains with peaks covered with snow, the hilly tops with lush green vegetation, the Kalash tribe resides. The pagan tribe has the strength of 4000 individuals, thought to be the descendants of Alexander. The tribe has an imitable culture with specific festivals, women wear handmade unique outfits, moreover, the tribe is always warm welcoming towards the tourists. They have got distinctive culture from graveyards that show unburied coffins to houses that are entirely wooden work and piled, their specific folk songs to their dishes, thus, every dimension is unacculturated. The exploration proceeds towards the sub-regions of Biri valley, Bumburet valley, and Rambur Valley all of which are inhabited by Kalash people. Night stay in Chitral city.
Post lunch a thorough exploration of Qissa Khwani Bazar for getting knowledge about the cultural heritage of the enriched city,
· Followed by a visit to the Peshawar Museum to witness the remains of the Ghandhara Civilization, as Peshawar was the hub of Buddhism. Dinner and Night stay in the city.
After breakfast, the journey sets towards the city via the Motorway. After 2 hours drive reaches the destination. Followed by rest and lunch, a visit to the antic city of Rawalpindi, an exploration of Raja bazaar, and the largest park of Pakistan the Ayub Park. Night stay in Hotel in Islamabad.

Taking the guests to Airport and saying farewell.

Description of Significant Areas:

It is a remote northwestern region of Pakistan with a steady landscape and lofty mountains. It has adorned cultural heritage, throughout history, many invaders passed through it to get access to South East Asia. It is home to mighty glaciers includes Ziwar (14km), Atahk (24km). Chitral Museum, Chitral Fort, Chitral Top, and Shahi Masjid are worth mentioning places. Famous festivals are Jash e Chitral, Nouroz, and Shandur festivals.

Kalash Valley

It is at a distance of 12.3 km from the main city Chitral. Known for not only the serenity, greenery, and birds echoing but also for the pristine culture. Home to 4000 individuals from the pagan tribe who are assumed to be descendants of Alexander the Great. The Renowned festivals of the Kalash tribe include, Joshi Soring celebrations in May last for 4 to 5 days, Cho was (new year celebration in December), in these festivals ladies with unique outfits dance in circles.


A green redundant valley 34 km from Chiral city with a height of 5476 feet known for its unique serenity and the endowed natural blessings, it is a sub-region of Kalash.


12 km from Ayun valley (Chitral), 7203 feet height which gives breathtaking views with the confluence of natural beauty, the placid sweet sound of moving water in streams, and the deep blue clear crystal sky.


It is the largest Valley in the Kalash region,20 km from Ayun valley. It is the center of trout fish. It contains a trek from Karakal to shaikh Darna which has a trout hatchery on the side of a magnificent wooden mosque.

Terich Mir

The glorious mountain of darkness is present in the Chitral district in the northwestern region of Pakistan in KPK province. It is the loftiest mountain of the Hindukush Mountain Range in Pakistan having a height,7690 meters. Its location point is also unique in its structure, the East Terich Mir from the Upper Glacier, the magniloquent mountain at the center, on the west other mountains, on the north another range, flowed by a lower glacier. Thus, the magnanimous structures form a horseshoe-like structure. The lower Terich Glacier reaches further to form the magnificent Terich Concordia, the seven sub valleys of Glaciers.

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