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Swat, Kalaam and Jahaz Banda Adventure Trip-07 days

What will You Experience?

Have you been tired of the crowd, and hustle, and bustle of mechanic life, and want to get escape in the natural wilderness? Cross Roads is determined to present you with a beautiful solution, the planned trip is designed to take refuge in the natural world to get the peacefulness in a soothing milieu, to invigorate the exhausted mind, and sleepy body. Let’s spend some precious, and everlasting moments in the Serenity of the green Swat valley, and the surrounding enthralling valleys of Kalaam, Shogran, Jahaz band, and Temergarah. The adventure initiates from the beautiful capital Islamabad, Travelling towards the magniloquent Swat Valley enjoy the perpetual views, visit Kalaam further experience the multi-colored natural world, then delve into the maleficent Jahaz Banda, and finally an archeological tour to the historical Temergarah. The guests not only get mesmerized by the natural beauty, but also experience the unmatched local culture in the form of folk music, and delicious food, the interaction with the locals further reveal their distinctive lifestyle. Hence, at the end of the memorable adventure, you will experience a positive change in your life.

Is it the Desired Trip for You?
  • Since we will be traveling in the Summer, so there might be unexpected weather alterations, the travelers should be prepared for them.

  • We will travel the high attitudes (ranging from 500-4000m), so be careful if you have relevant medical complexities.

  • The security situation of the region is good; however, self-care is required.

A Brief Upshot:
  • Starting Point
  • Ending point
  • Primary Destinations.

  • Group Size.

  • Group Age
  • Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

  • Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

  • Swat, Kalam, Jahaz Banda

  • 4 to 15
  • 10 to 80

Services included in the package 
  • Accommodation hotel +Guest house

  • Meals ( Breakfast, lunch & dinner)

  • Transport with Fuel.

  • Service of experienced English-speaking guides and helpers.

  • All ground transfers.

  • Porterage

  • Driver expenses

  • First aid kit

  • Entrances ticket

  • Toll tax

  • Parking charges

  • Jeep charges at all places

Services not included in the package
  • Extra meals

  • Extras at hotels like drinks, laundry, phone calls and room service.

  • Insurance liability and other under force majeure conditions, medical aid etc.

  • Tips Items not mentioned above.

Trip Highlights:
  • Experience the unscathed natural beauty of Swat Valley.

  • Explore the unrivaled beauty of Kalam Valley, through the melodious lake, and plain Forests adventures.

  • Opportunity to get mingle with nature in the serenity, and unparalleled calmness of Kumrat Valley.

  • The trekking experience at the unequaled Taki Banda Valley is marvelously organic.

  • Witnessing the unmatched sanguine atmosphere of Jahaz Banda Valley.

  • The Village walks would provide a chance to get awareness about the simple, but the attractive culture of the region.

  • Tasting local delicious food would satisfy the hunger cravings.

  • Visiting the archaic sites of Temergarah would provide an opportunity to conduct an archeological study

The remarkable journey begins from the second most beautiful capital, Islamabad.International arrival in Islamabad and starting our journey to Swat which is 235.5km away from the capital via the

  • Beautiful landscapes of Noshehra and Mardan, which offers life-changing views of mother nature, an energetic starting of the adventure. Best opportunity to conduct photography.

Overnight stay at Swat hotel on arrival.

After a mouth-watering local breakfast at the hotel in the spellbinding beauty of Swat drive to Kalam (100km) and do the following activities

  • Sightseeing: Drive sightseeing of nearby crystal water lakes, to enjoy the splendid natural comeliness at its utmost.
  • Plain Forest Kalam: The perfection of the natural world would be revealed here.

Overnight stay at Kalam hotel.

After breakfast depart from Kalam to

  • Thal Bazar: It is a 4 hours drive from Kalam – Thal is a village at the start of Kumrat Valley.

Kumrat is covered with green pastures, snow-clad mountains. The Panjkora River, foggy mounds, and forests are the main attractions of the region.

  • Taki Banda: Take a Jeep from Thal Bazar and drive to Taki Banda. It is an approximately 3 hours drive. For trekking to Jahaz Banda, the last point up to which we can go on jeep is Taki Banda.
  • Jahaz Banda: Some free time and rest at Taki Banda and then start trekking to Jahaz banda. It is approximately a 3-4 hours trek.

Jahaz banda is a large meadow surrounded by snow-clad mountains, towering trees, and covered by green pastures.

Overnight stay at Jahaz-Banda

Early morning breakfast at Jahaz Banda

  • Katora Lake: Trek to Katora Lake. It is approximately a 4 hours trek. Spend half an hour at Katora lake.

It is an alpine glacial lake situated in the upper reaches of the Jahaz banda in Kumrat Valley. The lake is fed by the surrounding melting glacier waters. It is named Katora because it resembles the shape of a bowl.

  • Trek back to Jahaz banda: Trek back to Jahaz Banda. It is approximately a 3.5 hours trek. Take rest for an hour and spend your free time.
  • Kund Banda: Trek to Kund banda. It is approximately an hour trek.

Kund banda is a small beautiful village with breathtaking views in the surrounding.

Camp and overnight stay at Kund banda.

After early morning breakfast at Kund Banda do the following activities:

  • Trek Back to Jahaz Banda: One hour trek back to Jahaz banda.
  • Trek back to Taki Banda: From Jahaz banda 3-4 hours of trekking back to Taki Banda.
  • Thall Bazar Take Jeep from Taki banda to Thal Bazar. It is approximately 3 hours.
  • Temergarah: From Thal Bazar 4.5 hours drive to Temergarah.

It is the District Headquarter of Lower Dir District. It is located on the East Bank of the Panjkora River.

Overnight stay at hotel in Temergarah

After Early Breakfast at Temergarah

  • Drive back to Islamabad: It is approximately 4 hours drive. Arrive at the designated hotel and take lunch.
  • Margalla Hills: After lunch go to Margalla Hills Trek at Trail 5. It is 3 hours trek. Enjoy tea at Magalla hills. Trek back and then drive back to the hotel in Islamabad.

Margalla Hills are extensions of the Himalayas. They surround Islamabad from the North. These are lush green hills and provides a scenic view. There are also different water springs at Margalla Hills. There are six hiking trails. Trail 5 is approximately 5 km. The First 2 -3 km of trekking at this trail are easy while the 2 km trek is very steep and requires quite an effort to climb. The view from the top of Margalla Hills is refreshing and breathtaking because the whole of Islamabad City is visible from there.

Overnight stay at hotel in Islamabad

Breakfast at hotel and the take the tourists to the airport for International Departure.

Today we shall move towards Naran valley from Shogran. It will take around 3 hours. Check in to hotel and get ready for another thrilling jeep ride. As we have to visit tremendous Lake Saif ul Malook on same day. Move back to hotel after 3 hours excursion for night stay.

Today, we have a long way to go and much more to explore. We shall move towards Babusar top that is located at 4,173m. On the way, we shall stop by at some beautiful places like Batakundi, Jhalkand, Besal and Lulusar lake. Move back to hotel for night stay.

Today is the last day, when we should move back to Rawalpindi/Islamabad. We shall reach there till evening for the End of our Long Journey.


The marvelous lush green Swat Valley is a charming place in northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, which is a popular tourist destination. During the visit of Queen Elizabeth II in the 1960s, she named this natural masterpiece, “Switzerland of the East”. With high mountains, green meadows, and clear lakes, it is a place of great natural beauty and is popular in tourists.

The Valley of Swat is delineated by natural geographic boundaries and is centered on the Swat River, whose headwaters rise in the 18,000-19,000 foot tall Hindu Kush. The valley is enclosed on all sides by mountains and is intersected by glens and ravines. Above mountains ridges to the west is the valley of the Panjkora River, to the north the Gilgit Valley, and Indus River gorges to the east. To the south, across a series of low mountains, lies the wide Peshawar valley.The northernmost area of Swat district is the high valleys and alpine meadows of Swat Kohistan, a region where numerous glaciers feed the Ushu, and Gabral rivers (also known as the Utrar River), which form a confluence at Kalam, and thereafter forms the Swat river – which forms the spine of the Swat Valley and district. Swat then is characterized by thick forests along the narrow gorges of the Kalam Valley until the city of Madyan. From there, the river courses gently for 160 km through the wider Yousufzai Plains of the lower Swat Valley until Chakdara.


The enchanted, and calmed Kalam valley is located along the bank of Swat River at a distance of 99 km from Mingora in the northern upper reaches of Swat valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The area has become a popular tourist attraction, due to its natural abundant valuable gifts, it hosts lofty mountains, serene forests, and blue water tranquil lakes. It is the birthplace of the Swat River, which forms with the confluence of two major tributaries of Gabriel River and Ushu River. It is a sub-valley of Swat, at an elevation of about 2000 m. It provides room for a small but fertile plateau above the river for farming. From Kalam, the metaled road ends and a single road leads to the Ushio and Error valleys. From Milton, the view of magnificent snow-capped mountains is breathtaking, including Mount Falaksar 5918 m.


The unruffled organic natural beauty with archeological significant places serves as district headquarters of Lower Dir District in Pakistan. It is located on the east bank of the Panjkora River at an altitude of 823 m. The town is the site of excavated graves of Indo-Aryans, dating from 1500 to 600 BC. On the west side of the Panjkora River is the excavated site of Balambat. The site has been occupied continuously since the time of the Indo-Aryans in 1500 BC. Discoveries included houses dating from 500 BC and fire altars, showing that the people followed early Vedic Hinduism which revolved around fire worshipping. The area’s early political history is defined by the control of the Hindu Shahis, artifacts and ruins from the period are found throughout the region. Most of the main city lies on the bank of the river Panjkora, which separates Balambat from the main city. Thus, this distinctive region serves as a heaven for archaeologists.

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