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Over View of the Trip Shandur Polo Festival Chitral

The motif of the journey resides around the exciting Visit to one of the beautiful high destinations of the World, The magnificent Shandur Top (12600ft). Apart from its encompassing natural beauty, it also got its charm from the Polo game, which is termed Game of Kings and King of Games. Starting from beautiful Islamabad, a marvelous odyssey begins through the Lowari Top to Chitral, and then upwards towards the enchanted Shundur Valley. 

How Would you be Entertained in this Trip?

  • You will be taken to the world-famous site of Shandur Polo ground beside a deep blue water lake, surrounded by mighty peaks. The spectacular scene would add positive vibes to your life for sure. Shandur Polo Festival Chitral

  • In a remote natural setting, what you expect from mother nature? Tranquility right! We would present you grand opportunity to recharge yourself through the pure potent natural power.
  • Are you a Polo lover? Accompany us to the marvelous 3 day Polo festival at an acknowledged height in cool, and calmed settings. We are fully assured that You will not get enough of the nerve testing freestyle Polo matches between the rival teams.
  • Have you ever heard about a distinctive Kalashi tribe in the remote village of Chitral in Pakistan? If yes, then you would be lucky to get a chance to visualize their distinguishing culture shown in their outfits, food, festivals, music, and unique houses.

  • That’s not enough, we have also planned to take you to the sites of Ghandhara Civilization also known as Buddhist Civilization. The region was once its flourishing focal points, presented by the ruins in the form of Stupas, monasteries, residential structures.

  • Capture the marvels of nature, and archeological significant sites in your cameras to collect the best memories for the future. If you are a professional photographer avail yourself the opportunity of increasing the value of your album with breathtaking sceneries.
  • Want to explore much? Stay with us to enjoy the everlasting experience of the charm of Village champing, champ Bazar, delicious cuisines and soul-soothing folk music, and dance at the feet of snowy, glorified mountains during your visit to Chitral Valley, and Kalash Tribe.

Is this the Desired Trip for You?

  • Since the odyssey would be an adventurous kind, so if you are suffering from any disease which not permits prolonged walk, it’s better to not take a risk.
  • Similarly, if you have a phobia of height, or suffering from asthma or other maladies which would aggravate due to height then it would not be a suitable journey for you.

  • Moreover, no need to worry about the security situation, which is satisfactory in the regions under the plan.
  • Do you want to experience trekking, champing, beautiful folk dance, and outdoor dining? Then it would be a life-changing advancement for you. Don’t miss the chance.
A Brief Upshot:
  • Starting Point
  • Ending point
  • Primary Destinations.

  • Age Limit.
  • Group Size.

  • Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

  • Islamabad,capital of Pakistan

  • Archeological Sites, Village walks, Shandur Polo ground 
  • 20 to 60 years
  • 2 to 15

Trip Highlights: Shandur Polo Festival Chitral

  • Furnishes Eye-Opening experience of the glorious Polo game at the top of the world in Shandur ground.
  • Cognizance of the World Heritage Site of Buddhist Monastery at Takht Bahi.
  • Provides an opportunity to witness, the antic evacuated graves of Aryans and the cultural heritage of Vedic Hindus of 1500 BC to 600 BC.
  • Bestows the exploration of the culture of Northern Pakistan at an immense height of Shandur ground.
  • An unprecedented experience of Champ village at the side of the blue lake at the feet of snowy peaked mountains.
  • The shopping experience in an antic style from the on-ground shops in the lap of mountains.
  • The magnificent accumulation of around 30000 to 50000 tourists from worldwide allows exploring more cultural patterns.
  • Receives pleasure and satisfaction from folk music and dance.
  • Tasting the delicious cuisines of Northern Areas.

Itinerary: Shandur Polo Festival Chitral

Receiving at the airport and dropping at the decided residence. After lunch, a city tour of the capital will be held.
After having an early morning breakfast at the melodious milieu of Islamabad, the mission is set towards Takht Bahi which is at a distance of 158.6km from Islamabad. The first destiny will be the Buddhist Monastery of 1century AD, it has the ruins of stupa court and Assembly Hall. It was built with the inscriptions of Gondophares. It is a wonderful place for those who love antiquity, history, and archaeology. Post lunch, the journey starts towards Swat which is at a distance of 113km.
Soon after early morning breakfast with local food the historical site of Swat will be explored. It includes the Swat museum, then followed by an exploration of the Butkara Archaeological site which has almost 215 Stupas dated back from the 2nd to 5th century CE. A brief visit to Mingora Bazar, where lunch with local dishes on demand will be served. The next destination will be Chitral which is at a distance of almost 267km having a more 5 hours drive. Dinner will be served in the majestic calmed ambiance of Chitral, followed by cultural dance and music depends on the demand of tourists.
 This enriched, soothing valley is at a distance of 20.7 km from Chitral’s main city. It is inhabited by the Pagan Kelashi tribe, which consists of 4000 individuals mainly considered to be descendants of Turks or Persians. The region has encapsulated natural scenery which captivates mind and heart upon encountering. The unruffled natural gifts refresh the fragile soul. Ranging from lofty mountains to calmed rivers, far-fetched apricot orchards to enriched meadows, every natural domain offers enraptured sites to enjoy. Moreover, there will be friendly interaction with locals, their food, outfits, routine life would be observed.
This unmatched place is present at almost the Roof of the World at a height of 12600ft from sea level. It is at a distance of 160.4km from Chitral. Every year more than 30000 to 50000 tourists participate in the festival which starts from 7 to 9 July. The first day celebrations begin with the parade of GB scouts followed by dance performances of children and GB scouts. Locals also present their dance skills in folk music. soon after the ceremony both rival teams of Chitral and Gilgit start their first polo battle. The lunch and dinner will be done on the Champ Bazar with local dishes depend upon the request of visitors.
After night stay at the majestic and inimitable Champ Village along the lakeside at the heart of statured mountains, the breakfast will be done in the mini champ Bazar. Witnessing different matches between different teams especially the grand rivals match will get more attention, the day will be spent while spectating the matches, participate in the celebrations and interacting with other tourists.
The last day starts with the band march of GB Scouts and Paragliding show followed by dance performances especially the enthralling sword dance. The final match will be played between Gilgit and Chitral teams and the winning team will be handed a special trophy by the Chief guest who is mostly president or PM. The supporters of the winning team will celebrate the victory through music and dance performances.
After Post night stay at Chitral, the mission sets towards another magnificent place known as Timergara at a distance of 156.5 km from Chitral. It is present in Lower Dir at the East Bank of Panjkora River. Along with natural beauty, it serves as a site for the Indo-Aryan evacuated graves which dated back to 1500 to 600 BC. Thus, a brief visit of the site will be done followed by the Visit of Balamba Fire Altars belong to Vedic Hinduism. Dinner and night stay will be at the same valley.
After early morning breakfast, the adventure will rush towards the capital, which is at a distance of 232.5 km away. On the way, we will witness the beauty of Mansehra, Abbottabad, Taxila, and many more wonders of nature.

Exciting Activities:

  • Islamabad.

  • Takht Bahi.
  • Swat.             
  • Chitral.
  • Shandur Valley.
  • Timergera.
  • City Tour

  • Archeological Sites of Buddhism
  • Archeological Sites of Buddhism 
  • City Tour, Visit the villages of Kalasha Tribe
  • 3 Days Stay at the Shandur Polo ground 
  • Archeological sites
Description of Significant Areas:

The glorious ever-green city is present in the lap of Margella Hills. It is termed as the second most beautiful capital in the world after London. It offers worth visiting sites, which includes, Hill trek, Lok Virsa, Shadra, Faisal Mosque, and many more.


This magniloquent place holds significance not only for its remitting beauty, the long stretched greenery, the calmness, and tranquillity but also for its status as World Heritage Site given by UNESCO in 1980. It possesses The Grand and Oldest Buddhist Monastery dated back to 1 CE.   


This natural masterpiece is termed Switzerland of Pakistan, present in the KPK province of Pakistan. It encompasses pine forests, meadows, freshwater rivers, and hill treks. It was also considered to be the center of Buddhism. It holds Shingardar stupa, Amluk Dara Stupa, Nemogram Stupa, and Monastery.


This beautiful vale is in Lower Dir in the Eastern Bank of Panjkora River. Its height is about 823meters above sea level. Along with plain and steep hills, streams, clear sky, and placid milieu, it holds evacuated graves of Indo Aryans dated back from 1500 to 600BC. The interesting sites are the Balambat fire altars belong to Vedic Hinduism.  Click here to see our tours to Swat valley


This enraptured valley is present in the North-western region of Pakistan in KPK province. Its beauty lies in idyll landscapes, lofty mountains, warm water Sulphur contaminated springs use as a tonic for different fatal diseases, crystal clear sky, far fetched glaciers like Ziwar(14km), Atahk, and its enriched culture. It carries well-flourished folk music, the main instruments are Drums and Sitars. Chitral museum encapsulates antique and current cultural elements. Shandur Polo Festival Chitral

Kalash Valley

The significance of this melodious valley is mainly given by its unique and overall distinctive culture. Apart from the serenity and abundant natural gifts in the form of fruit orchards, meadows, streams, and mountains, the unique heritage of 4000 Kalashi individuals appeals to tourism. Kalash people are considered to be the descendants of Turks or Persians. This pagan tribe is known for the distinguishing outfits of ladies and their mesmerizing dance performance in specific festivals like Chilim Joshi and Chowas. The region is divided into Birir, Bumburet, and Rambur valleys.

Shandur Top

At a dazzling height of 12600 feet, in the feet of glorious mountains, a far stretched grassy landscape is presently called Shandur top. An unprecedented polo ground has been constructed over here. Different folkways are associated with the establishment, however, in the early 1900s, its construction is attributed to one of the British administrators Evelyn Hey Cobb. Who requested a local individual Hayat Kakakhel for a polo ground at the roof of the world. Hence, from then every year 3-day polo festival, from 7 to 9 July, takes place at this wonder of the world.

Polo Game

It is attributed as King of Games and Game of Kings which is been properly acknowledged in British Royalty. Its origin dates back to 6th BC in Central Asia. In the 6th AD, it was recognized as the National Game of Persia. In the initial phases, the warlords used to play it on the back of strong horses like a mini-battle with 100 men in one team. In Chiral and Gilgit, it is termed as an ancestral game. In Shandur ground, freestyle polo is played by rival teams, Gilgit and Chitral. Shandur Polo Festival Chitral

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