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Patundas Trekking Adventure

Summary of the Adventure

Do you want to spare some moments for an unmatched adventure to remote mountains and untouched glaciers? Hurry up, crossroads have arranged a marvelous trip for you in this summer. Get the real essence of life in the remote valleys of Northern Pakistan. Prepare yourself for an unprecedented odyssey to the magniloquent Patundas Valley in Hunza-Nagar District of Gilgit-Baltistan Province of Pakistan. It is known for hosting the distinctive natural artifacts in the form of far-fetching meadows covered with fragranced flowers, forests, cool calmed breeze of Passu Glacier, and mighty peaks of Karakorum, Hindukush, and Himalayas mountain ranges. Experience walking on challenging paths from Borith lake to Milunghil camp. The ideal time to visit the region is between May to September.

How would you be Entertained in this Trip?
  • Are you in need of spending some moments in tranquility? It is the ideal opportunity to fulfill your longing. Join us on a magnanimous trip to the organic world.
  • Do you like trekking on demanding slopes? Test your stamina in this journey, avail the best chance to get merged with nature. Enjoy walking on the side of lofty peaks, and enchanted Passu Glacier.
  • It becomes double pleasure when natural beauty is supported by cultural attraction. Experience the unparallel Hunza Culture in the UNESCO’s enlisted Altit, and Baltit Forts, and in the majestic Rakasposhi view point.

  • Do you get pleasure in calmness? You will get it in abundance in the designed trip. Enjoy outdoor dining in camps beneath the stars and bright moonlight whose reflected rays from the snow covered peaks presents a heavenly experience.

Is this the Desired Trip for You?
  • We will explore high altitude areas, thus be cautious about your medical complexities.
  • At height the weather patterns are uncertain, so get prepared for unwelcoming circumstances.
  • The security situation of the region is good, but self care is mandatory.
A Brief Upshot:
  • Starting Point
  • Ending point
  • Primary Destinations.

  • Group Size.

  • Group Age.
  • Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

  • Islamabad,capital of Pakistan

  • Passu Trek, Hunza Valley 
  • 5 to 15
  • 25 to 60
Trip Highlights:
  • Experience the unequaled opportunity to travel through the magniloquent Karakorum Highway along the side of grand river Indus.
  • Exploration of the best tourist spot in north, the enriched Hunza valley surrounded by high mountains.
  • Natural excursion to the heavenly part, the breathtakingly beautiful patundas.
  • Enjoy archeological touch while visualizing rock carving in Chilas, and visiting Altit, and Baltit Forts in Hunza.
  • Get the essence of most colorful culture of the region, in the cultural exploration of Hunza valley in the famous Kaimabad Bazar.

  • Feel the natural camness in your campside.
  • Test your stamina by walking through difficult paths on the passu Glacier.

Welcome the tourists to the airport. Take them to their designated residence and lunch. In the afternoon the city tour by visiting

  • Pakistan Monument
  • Faisal Mosque
  • Lok Versa
  • Rawal lake

Overnight stay and dinner in the Capital.

In the morning drive to Chilas via the Karakoram Highway. Visit

  • Stopover at Abbottabad
  • Stop over at Mansehra
  • Photography at Shatial rocks
  • Overnight stay at Shangrila Chilas Hotel.
In the morning drive to Gulmit. It is a centuries-old historic town, with mountains, peaks, and glaciers.

  • Witness the ancient rock carvings on the way
  • Stop over at Nanga Parbat view point.
  • Stop over at the junction of Karakorum, Hindukush, and Himalayas mountain ranges.
  • Stopover at Rakaposhi view point.
  • Overnight Stay in the serenity of remote GulmitbValley.

It is a centuries-old historic town, with mountains, peaks, and glaciers.

  • Ondra Fort
  • Qalanderchi Fort
  • Attabad Lake
  • The old Summer Palace of Mir of Hunza
  • Gulmit’s historic Polo Ground

Overnight stay at Gulmit Tourist Inn

Early morning breakfast and the trek to

  • Ghulkin: Explore the area
  • Jeep drive to the Borith Lake for the beginning of Trekking
  • Reach Passu after passing a dry ridge of Passu Glacier.

Overnight stay at hotel in Passu

After breakfast trek to

  •  Luzhdar: It is a 3-4 hours trek.  While crossing Passu Glacier; view the Passu Peak, Shishper Peak, Ultar SAR and popdan peak.

Overnight stay at camp in Luzhdar

After breakfast trek to

  • Patundas: It is a 4-5 hours steep trek. Patundas is a fascinating meadow. It is a vantage point that offers a view to various peaks like Shishper, Dastagil, Momhil, Rakaposhi and many more.

Overnight stay at camp in Patundas

After breakfast trek to

  • Mulunghil: 3-4 hours trek a steep trek on the Batura Glacier
  • Enjoy a rewarding scenary on the way.

Overnight stay at camp in Mulunghil

Early breakfast and then

  • Trek back to Passu
  • From  Passu drive to Duiker

Overnight stay at hotel in Duiker

After breakfast

  • Trek to Ultar Glacier

Overnight Stay at hotel in karimabad

Explore Karimabad for full day

  • Visit Altit and Baltit Forts.
  • Excursion to the main Karimabad Bazar
  • Visit Rakaposhi View Point, for evening tea
  • Overnight stay in Karimabad

Early morning breakfast

  • Drive to Besham via the splendid Karakorum Highway straight away from Hunza.

Overnight stay at hotel in Besham

From Besham drive back to

  • Islamabad
  • A short stay at Abbottabad to get recharged from the natural wilderness.l

Overnight stay at hotel in Islamabad

Description of Significant Areas:

It is the Capital of Pakistan since 1960. Since its foundation in the 1960s, Islamabad has attracted people from all over Pakistan, making it one of the most cosmopolitan and urbanized cities in Pakistan. Although it is only the ninth-largest city of Pakistan, together with its neighboring twin city of Rawalpindi, the greater Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area is the third-largest in Pakistan.
Islamabad is known as a relatively clean, calm and green city by Pakistan standards. It hosts a large number of diplomats, politicians and government employees. Islamabad is a modern, well-planned, well-maintained and well-organized international city on the Pothohar Plateau in the north-eastern part of Pakistan. It is regarded as the most developed city in Pakistan.


Located along the Karakoram Highway, Chilas is a small town in the Diamar district of Gilgit Baltistan along the bank of the mighty Indus River. It is also one of the places which connect Pakistan to China via the Silk Road. Chilas provide splendid views of nature, including Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat, the world’s seventh-highest peak. This small town is famous for the 20,000 plus pieces of rock drawings and petroglyphs all along the Karakoram Highway. These carvings are left by various invaders, traders, and pilgrims who passed along the trade route, as well as by locals. The earliest date back to between 5000 and 1000 BC, carved and pecked into the rock with stone tools.


is also known as Gul-e-Gulmit, is a town that serves as headquarter of the Gojal, also known as Upper Hunza, in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Gulmit is a centuries-old historic town, with mountains, peaks and glaciers. It is a tourist spot and has many historic places, hotels, shops and a museum.


is a small village located near Gulmit in the Gilgit Baltistan region of northern Pakistan. Situated along the Karakoram Highway in Upper Hunza, Passu is a popular tourist destination because of its easily accessible sweeping landscapes, and vistas of the 7,478m tall Passu Sar mountain, the Passu Glacier, and Tupopdan 6,106m.


Patundas, on the ridge between the Passu and Batura glaciers, is a summer pasture used by Ghulkin villagers with a cluster of huts and livestock pens. The views from Patundas are spectacular in all directions. The rapid elevation gain of 1700m makes the previous acclimatization necessary.


Karimabad town, located on the west bank of the Hunza River, is in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, in a valley which is at 2,500m elevation. The town is made up of stone-walled steep sloping large terraces. The town was a caravan halting-place for people who were traveling through the Hindu Kush mountains to the Vale of Kashmir. It is set amidst snow-clad mountain peaks of Rakaposhi (altitude of about 7,600m), and glaciers like the Ulter Nala as a backdrop, and deep gorges. Access is by hill road from Gilgit.


Besham is the largest town and commercial center of the Shangla District in the KPK province of Pakistan. Most of the population is Pashto-speaking Pashtun. Besham’s shops remained open 24 hours a day due to its geographic position, as it is on the famous Silk route which connects Pakistan with China. Besham shops are famous for their china and international goods. In summer this small town is the center of international and national holidaymakers who use this route to visit the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

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