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Natural Exploration of Shogran, Naran, Gilgit and Hunza

Brief Summary of the Trip

A glorious and joyful trip is planned to experience the unmatched beauty of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Starting from the most beautiful capital traveling through KKH enter into the unparalleled Naran valley, exploration of natural masterpieces like the beautiful Shogran Valley, the wonder lake Saif ul Mulook, drive to the patches of paradise the Gilgit and Hunza Valley then roll back to Islamabad. The designed trip carries the theme of amalgamation with a magnificent artistic natural world. It provides the opportunity to relax your tired mind, monotonous life, and the burdened soul by experiencing the refreshing and soothing natural world. It also offers the chance to conduct research and study variant cultures. Get satisfaction through folk music and the sweet hospitability of the most cultured people of the world along with nutritious and delicious food. The best time to visit is from June to September as the Babusar top which connects Naran to Gilgit remains close the entire year except for these months.

Is it the Desired Trip for You?
  • The best time to be on this tour is from March till November, so there might be unexpected weather alterations, the travelers should be prepared for them.

  • We will travel the high attitudes (ranging from 500-4000m), so be careful if you have relevant medical complexities.

  • The security situation of the region is good; however, self-care is required.

A Brief Upshot:
  • Starting Point
  • Ending point
  • Primary Destinations.

  • Theme
  • Group Size.

  • Group Age
  • Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

  • Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

  • Hunza valley, Shoghran, Naran

  • Walking & Culture experience

  • 2 to 15
  • 5 to 80

Services included in the package 
  • Accommodation hotel +Guest house

  • Breakfast

  • Transport with Fuel.

  • Service of experienced English-speaking guides and helpers.

  • All ground transfers.

  • Porterage

  • Driver expenses

  • First aid kit

  • Entrances ticket

  • Toll tax

  • Parking charges

  • Jeep charges at all places

Services not included in the package
  • Meals (except breakfast)

  • Extras at hotels like drinks, laundry, phone calls and room service.

  • Insurance liability and other under force majeure conditions, medical aid etc.

  • Tips Items not mentioned above.

Trip Highlights:
  • The main theme of the trip is to thoroughly explore the unrivaled and breathtaking beauty of North Pakistan.

  • Peerless experience of the scenery of lofty mountains with snowy peaks having delighted reflection in clear lake water like Malika e Parbat in Kaghan.

  • The unforgettable exploration of fairy’s lake, the charmed Saif ul Malook lake.

  • The visit of unexplored Lulusar lake at magnificent height with rocky mountain boundary brings heavenly experience.

  • The Journey through one of the highest and coolest routes in the world, the Babusar Top, offers great adventure.

  • The encamping in a fairyland like Sri Paye meadows provides both aesthetic and study opportunities.

  • The cultural exploration of Hunza valley presents a knowledgeable journey.

  • The calmed and enriched folk music of the region provides nutritious food to the hungry soul.
  • The hospitability and mouth-watering food of the area satisfy the taste sense.

  • The exploration of Altit and Baltit Fort in Hunza helps in archeological studies.

  • Traveling through the 8th wonder of the world, the KKH accumulates remember some experience.

  • The observation of the three famous mountain ranges in the world like the Karakorum, the Hindukush, and the Himalayas reveals natural artifacts.


Receiving at the airport and taking to the decided residence. After a concise rest, drive towards the northwards. Our destiny will be the grandeur Shogran valley which is 229.5km away from the capital. The journey will be taken through the KKH highway. After bypassing the natural masterpieces of the green-carpeted Abbottabad and Mansehra Vallies, the adventure ends at Shogran at night. Dinner and night stay at Pine Park Hotel.

After post early morning breakfast, the exploration of the natural beauty of the valley starts, which is 6km away from Shogran. The meadowlands with heavenly beauty are not easily accessible, due to steep paths, and narrow roads, thus, a jeep track will be organized. A fresh and crystal clear water lake is located at the center of the meadow. The enraptured view of wild lilac and yellow flowers, the grazing animals, and the surrounding magniloquent mountains like Malika Parbat, Musa ka Musala, and the Makra peak. After the perpetual experience, the evening drives towards Naran Valley. Night stay and dinner at Naran Demanchi Hotel.

After early morning breakfast, the adventure sets towards the grand Saif ul Mulook lake which is 9.1km away via Saif ul Muluk road. It is one of the highest, mountainous, and beautiful lakes in Pakistan. The road is not smooth having bumps and jolts. This dreamland is known for its green-carpeted mountains and the unparalleled Malika Parbat, which is known to be the residence of fairies in folk tales. Tea with local food will be taken on the side of the lake along with the joyous experience of boating. The other destination will be the serene natural village of Batakundi having far stretched grassland with pine trees. Traveling to the land of flowers Lalazar meadows adds to the serenity. The day ends with driving towards Chilas for a night stay and dinner.

Post early morning breakfast, the exploration of rock carvings of Chilas which reflect different periods mainly the Ghandhara civilization. After a brief exploration, further driving towards Gilgit which is 134.6km away from Chilas. The visit of Gilgit bazaar for cultural cognizance followed by a mouth-watering lunch. Photography at the bank of the Gilgit river further drives to the Yasani Budha point to satisfy the archeological taste. Night stay and dinner at Gilgit city. A local musical show can be organized on demand.

Hunza, the tourist spot is at a distance of 100.4km from Gilgit main city. Its capital is Karimabad located at the north of Hunza river and surrounded by three peaks the Ultar, Diran, and the Rakaposhi. After arrival, our first aim will be the exploration of Altit Fort which is 3km away from the capital. The 8 centuries old fort is known for its architecture and the surrounded beautiful gardens. The later visit to the Baltit Fort, the three-story building is at the top of the hill. Queen Victoria monument will be explored which is One hour distance from Baltit fort. The detailed visit to the Karimabad bazaar for the experience of cultural heritage.

A natural masterpiece is present in the Hunza-Nagar District. It is 3,100m above sea level. It is considered to be the highest settlement in the valley. Known for its lofty mountains like Shimshal White Horn, and Manglik. It has almost 20 mountains and green grasslands. The famous Golden peak mountain basecamp will also be explored. The further movement towards the Passu Valley and the capturing of magnificent view of Passu cones.

After getting refreshment from the early morning breakfast, The group will move towards The most distinctive Attabad lake, which has engulfed almost 18km of Karakorum Highway as a result of massive land sliding in 2010. Now the lake has its own traffic which takes goods, vehicles, and persons to the Hussainabad valley and back to KKH. It provides mesmerizing opportunities for boating, photography, and refreshment with the gustful local enables. The journey then set towards the nearby Hussani Village, track to Hussani Suspension bridge over the river Hunza. Overnight stay at the nearby hotel.

The returning track would be more excitable, as the journey heads towards the Gilgit city and continues down to Bisham through the KKH. The road is on one of the main routes of the old Silk Route. The rocky mountains on one side and River Indus on the other provide the best view for photography at different points. Night stay and dinner at PTDC motel.

After ambrosial breakfast, the mission continues towards the capital. On the way brief stay at the beautiful valley of Mansehra and the Carpeted green Abbottabad. It is blessed with clean fresh air, lish green hills, pine forests, and far-fledged meadows. There are hiking tracks to explore the natural beauty deeply. A crisped visit to the Abbottabad bazaar to witness the cultural patterns of the region. The night stay at Islamabad.

After post early morning breakfast, the different tourist sites in the natural city will be visited, like the Margella Hills, the beautiful Faisal Mosque, the Lok Virsa, the Pakistan monument, and the adjoining Shaker Parian. Then say farewell to the guests.

Brief introduction of the places.
Naran-Kaghan Valleys

This beautiful valley is also termed Pakistan’s Fairy Land. It is located in the upper Kaghan Valley which is part of District Mansehra in KPK province. The estimated height is 2409 meters from sea level. It consists of breathtaking views of villages, rivers, forests, and lakes. The exceptional beauty of Saif ul Mulook lake is known for its famous fictional story, (10578ft), mesmerizing view of mountains reflection on a sunny day. The Lalazar Medows of Kaghan valley known as a place of blooming flowers ( 10246ft above sea level). The magniloquent Sri Paye meadows with steep mountains, narrow roads, graveled tracks, rocky landslides, and snown winter, the mountains are blanketed with greenery ( 10032 ft above Sea level), it is surrounded by Makra Peak, Musa ka Masala, and Malika Parbat peak. One of the momentous lakes of Pakistan, the Lulusar lake, is considered to be an untouched part of Kaghan valley because of its location and height ( 11,190 ft above sea level). The queen of mountains, Malika Parbat because of its height ( 5290m) and beauty located 6 km away from Saif ul Malook. The beautiful Babusar Pass having 13,691ft in height, its top gives panoramic views of snow peaks and beautiful valleys. The enchanting Manna Meadows, Batakundi, and the River Kunhar.

Kiwai and Shogran Valleys in Kaghan

The unequaled valley of Kiwai is 37km away from Kaghan valley Famous for its mesmerizing fresh waterfall, it soothes the soul through the cold breeze and melodious water stream sound. The beautiful hill station, Shogran is located on a lush green plateau at an elevation of 2362m and 215km away from the capital. known for its famous winter snowfall.. The high mountain Sri Paye lake has added to the beauty of this green and serene valley. It is encapsulated by enraptured meadowland.


This divine land is present alongside the Hunza river, surrounded by statured mountains and Shiny glaciers on the extreme North of Pakistan. It is divided into Lower Hunza (Shinaki), Central, and Upper Hunza (Gojal). Its capital, Karimabad is encapsulated by three glorious mountain peaks named Rakaposhi, Diran, and Ultar. The two antique self-revealing forts Altit and Baltit are present in the suburbs of Karimabad. Along with the extended miles of Apricotes and fresh local grapes other enchanted places are the Hoper Glacier ( 12km length), Golden Peak mountain of Karakorum range famous for organized commercial expeditions, Attabad lake, the beautiful Shimshal village, the unparalleled Passu cones, Borith lake in Gulmit and many more.

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