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A Brief Overview of the Trip

The adventure is designed to satisfy the taste sense while being encapsulated by the heavenly natural beauty. Gilgit Baltistan is known for its distinctive and magnificent terrain. The region hosts statured mountains of Karakorum, Hindukush, and Himalaya ranges. It is the center of long Stretched Glaciers like Minapin, Batura, etc. It is also acknowledged for its enriched cultural heritage depicted by historic forts like Altit and Baltit in Hunza, the distinctive outfits, flourished local music, musical instruments, and breathtaking dance moves, like the Sword dance of Hunza. Moreover, the world acknowledged the hospitability of the people and the mouth-watering local cuisines like Mumtu, Molida, Harissa, Gooli, Chapshoro, Mull, Dowdo, Chamus, and many more. Hence, there is a lot to taste and explore. The journey will commence from Islamabad reaches to Gilgit via KKH or Babusar top, stay at Gilgit city, and further experience of food of enraptured Hunza Valley and then rolling back to the Capital.

How would you be Entertained on this Trip?
  • Are you a gourmet? If so then accompany us on the most delicious, and savory food trip. Taste the most ravishing mouthful cusines of the GilgitBaltistan region. Whether it be a Shabsharoo, Mantu, Dawdoo, Pancake, or Gooli, you would experience the everlasting taste.
  • Do you have crave for nature? Get it on this memorable odyssey. We would be travelling to the remoteness in utmost naturalistic world, with lofty peak view of K2, Nanga Parbat, Rakaposhi, and more. The prolonged glaciers of Baltoro Glacier, and Minapin Glacier in beautiful Hunza Valley.
  • Want to explore tentative culture? Yes, you are on the right place, physically explore the most elegant culture of the distinguishing Hunza Valley, explore the centuries old Altit, and Baltit Forts. The sensational Passu Cones, and Hussani Suspension Bridge.
  • Have you ever experience a combination of taste and adventure? Get it in our company. Travel through the magniloquent Karakorum Highway, and the majestic Babusar top while having delighted local dishes on the way in brunch, lunch, and dinner.
Is it the Desired Trip for You?
  • Be chary about the high altitude related complexities.
  • Since the areas under exploration are secure but mindful about the self care.
  • Most of the times we would be travelling through Jeep, but some walking would be there, so prepare for it.
A Brief Upshot:
  • Starting Point
  • Ending point
  • Primary Destinations.

  • Group Size.

  • Group Age.
  • Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

  • Islamabad,capital of Pakistan

  • Hunza, Gilgit, Hussani Village, Gulkin Village, Borith
  • 5 to 25
  • 25 to 55 

Services included in the package 
  • Invitation letter
  • Airport transfers

  • Meals (3 meals a day)
  • Free accommodation , entrance tickets, and transportation for the team leader (Mr.Manoel)

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast 
  • Transportation and fuel
  • Service of experienced English-speaking guide ((accommodation, food, wages)

  • Expenses of driver (accommodation, food, wages)
  • All toll taxes
  • All parking charges
Services not included in the package
  • International flights
  • Extra at hotels like drinks, laundry, phone calls, and room services,
  • Entrance tickets
  • Insurance liability
  • Tips, items not mentioned above
  • Any other not mentioned above 
Trip Highlights:
  • The adventure revolves around the experience of nutritious and delicious food in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.
  • The journey through the 8th wonder of the world, the KKH along with the luscious traditional food is a perpetual joy.
  • Dinning with the locals gives a deep cultural insight into the most hospitable people on the earth.
  • Walking through villages while tasting juicy fruits, like a village walk to Gulkin, is a refreshing experience.
  • An outdoor breakfast in the presence of crystal blue sky and yellow beams of sun beside Gilgit River is a revitalizing experience.
  • Exploration of Karimabad and Gilgit Bazar would introduce enriched cultural artifacts.
  • Lunch and dinner with the local cuisines satisfy the food craving.
  • Listening to folk music and participate in chorus dance captivates body, mind, and soul and invigorates unending experience.
  • Archeological cognizance by visiting the Buddha Statues in Gilgit and Altit and Baltit fort in Hunza.
  • Visit the patches of heaven on earth like Karimabad, Gulmit, Gulkin valleys release all miseries of life.
  • Enthralling views of the lofty mountain with snow-capped tops and the prolonged Glaciers of Batura, Minapin, the unmatched Passu cones.
Welcoming the group members at the airport. Taking them to the decided residence. After a brief rest, a mesmerizing visit to different tourist spots of the lush green capital.
There are two routes to the beautiful province of Pakistan. The first one is through one of the paths of the ancient Silk Route, the Karakorum Highway and the second is through the enchanting and elevated Babusar top by passing through the beautiful valley,s of Naran Kaghan. A full day drive by taking one of the routes along with a delicious meal on the way.
The enraptured capital of Gilgit Baltistan province not only presents scenic natural beauty but also offers a rich cultural heritage. Gilgit Bazar is famous for its delicious cuisines, especially Chapshoro and Mumto are served in every corner of the city. Some restaurants serve traditional savory dishes. A visit to Yasani to witness the grand statue of Buddha and Kargah Nullah to further explore the Buddhist remains. On the way, traditional green tea with cake will be taken. The next destination will be Hunza valley which is 100.4 km away from Gilgit city. Night stay and dinner will be at Karimabad, Hunza.
After a nutritious breakfast in the resort, the journey moves towards the exploration of Altit Fort, 3km from Karimabad. The 800-year-old building is surrounded by orchards of Apricot and Grapes and a garden with beautiful flowers. The seasonal fresh fruits will be tasted after the visit. The Baltit Fort is present at the hill, the three-story building now serves as a museum. After a mouth-watering traditional lunch, there would be a visit towards the Sharma Center, where disabled are employees and perform the job of native carpet weaving. An outdoor dinner will be arranged followed by a local musical show on demand.

The unparalleled lake of Ataabad was formed as a result of a massive landslide in 2010. The blue watered lake surrounded by mountains has its own unique charm. Numbers of resorts and restaurants are present along the side of the lake. A Light brunch will be taken at this magnificent spot. The next destination will be the unequaled beautiful Gulmit valley. An organized outdoor dinner with the local food and night stay in the calmed Valley.

After an enriched breakfast, the mission set towards the most beautiful valley of Gulkin. On the way passage through the Kamaris Village, which has engaging orchards, meadows, and streams on the foot of mountains. On the way, juicy fruits and light food will be tasted. Upon reaching Gulkin stopover at the local house for palatable lunch. Dinner and night stay at the organic Gulkin Valley.

Post local breakfast at Gulkin, departure towards the Hussaini Suspension Bridge over the Hunza River for crossing and Photography, a light brunch at the bank of the river. The movement towards the beautiful Borith Lake, a hot cup of tea alongside the lake. Further traveling towards the Shabab Village to get a spectacular view of the Passu Glacier. What else someone wants other than the herbal tea at the viewpoint? Visit Passu valley get mesmerized by the distinctive view of Passu cones. Post native dinner the night stay at Passu.

After early morning delicious breakfast in a pristine atmosphere of Passu, the mission heads towards the enchanted Shimshal village. The journey would be set on a jeep trek and takes 2.5 hours to reach the destination. On the way stopover at different viewpoints along with light food tasting. An enthralling traditional lunch will be arranged with a local family at Shimshal Village. Further exploration of the beauty and traditional food of Shimshal Village followed by a night stay and a brief cultural show upon the request of guests.

Post breakfast, 3 hours drive towards the Passu valley, a brief brunch and photography session will be followed by further traveling towards Gilgit city via KKH. Dinner and night stay at the city.

Islamabad is 516.9 km away from Gilgit. Soon after breakfast, the journey will be set towards Islamabad. On the way stopover at Chillas for local Lunch from there the Babusar Top route will be joined but upon its closure, the movement continues through the KKH.
The beautiful valleys on the way are Bisham, Mansehra, Abbottabad, Taxila up to Islamabad, the second most beautiful capital of the World after London.

Leaving at the airport and saying goodbye is included in the planned trip.

An Introduction to the Significant Places:in
Gilgit Cityglac

The capital city of Gilgit Baltistan Province carries abundant natural gifts. A distinctive city surrounwoudewould ged by mighty mountains from all sides and divided by the Gilgit River has significant value in terms of its cuisines, hospitability, and heavenly scenes. The famous dishes of Gilgit are Mamtu, Dowdu, Sharbat, Mull, Phulai, and Chapshoro.


This magnificent tourist spot is located at the Extreme North of Gilgit Baltistan. It is not only known for its soothing natural gifts but also its glorious culture. Karimabad is the capital of Hunza Nagar District The city is hosts two significant forts called Altit and Baltit which are on the UNESCO Tentative List. The surrounding enthralling places are Shimshal Village, Gulkin Village, Passu village, the Passu cathedral, the Baltoro Glacier, the Minapin Glacier, Hussaini village, Ataabad lake, and a lot more. Apart from natural beauty, the region holds significance due to its distinguished culture and food has got a significant place. The famous local dishes of Hunza are Chapatti, Fitti, Baru e Giyal, Bukak e Shapik ,Mulida, Harisa, Supra, Buruz Barikutz, etc.


A very enraptured valley in Hunza Nagar District with a height of 3100 meters above sea level, known for its glorious mountains, it is home to more than 20 mountains along with stretched grasslands having wildflowers and lush vegetation.

Golden Peak.

This splendid mountain is part of the Karakorum sub-range of Nagar Valley. It is a hotspot for organized commercial expeditions, the first such expedition was been organized in 2011, containing Pakistan and Australian climbers.


This sumptuous natural gift is present at the junction of three mountain ranges(Karakorum, Hindukush, and Himalayas ), It has the highest peaks like K2, the magical Nanga Parbat, Masherbrum, and Rakaposhi. The prolonged thick glaciers are Baltoro, Batura, and many more. It is a combination of multifaceted natural blessings, it has scenic valleys, meadows, high mountains, the Plateau creeks, and Glaciers. Its major features are the Passu suspension bridge, which takes an individual to antiquity, Batura valley, which is exceptional in its beauty, and Avdegar Meadows, home to thousands of species of fauna and flora.

Attabad lake.

An unparalleled natural piece of its kind, it was formed in 2010 as a result of a massive landslide of Attabad Village in the Hunza river. It is 13 miles long and a hundred meters in depth. Surrounded by mountains, the deep silence in the ambiance gives the picturesque of a higher world.

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