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Gandhara Civilization  Pakistan Tour

Overview of Trip: Gandhara Civilization  Pakistan Tour

The journey revolves around the theme of the exploration of the antiquity of the Ghandhara Civilization. It derives its nomenclature from the ancient Mahajanapada Kingdom. The empire was stretched from modern-day North Western Pakistan to Eastern Afghanistan. Gandhara Civilization  Pakistan Tour

The civilization attained its glory from 1 to 5th BC under the command of the Kushan Kings. It was ended with the invasion of Mehmood Ghazni in 1048CE. It is also termed as Buddhist civilization. Its centers include the modern-day Peshawar Taxilla, Takht bahi, and Swat Valley. From there Buddhism spread to Central Asia, India, China, and Japan. During its peak times, it was the pivot of Learning, trading, art, and architecture in the world. Gandhara Civilization  Pakistan Tour

The outgrowth of Buddhism mostly relied on the construction of Monasteries and Stupas. Moreover, the Sculptures of Buddha were also mean to attract people. The well-planned cites in the form of Mound were established having stupas at the center. The existing historical ruins in the mentioned regions include the City of Sirkap, Bhir Mound, Khanpur caves in Taxilla, Shingardar Stipa, Nemogram Stupa, and Monastery in Swat, and Andan Dheraj in Takht Bhai.

Furthermore, the soothing and complacent natural beauty of the Valles adds fuel to the fire. Thus, the adventure not only necessities archaeological sense but also provides refuge in glamorous nature.

Trip Highlights: Gandhara Civilization  Pakistan Tour

  • The trip is designed to provide awareness about one the ancient known civilizations of the world termed as Ghandhara civilization. Gandhara Civilization  Pakistan Tour

  • Provides knowledge about the beginning, flourishing and declining of distinctive Buddhist civilization from the relics present mainly in Peshawar, Swat and Taxilla.
  • Eye witnessing of the Monasteries, the centres of learning, like Nemogram Monastery in Swat, Chakdara Monastery in Takht bhai and many more.
  • A complacent study of archaeology , art and architecture of Ghandhara civilization thrived in north western region in Pakistan.
  • Museum visits in Swat, Peshawar, Taxilla bring wakefulness about ancient civilization, the present culture , music and art of mentioned regions.
  • Experiencing the pacifying natural world in hills of Swat and Malam Jabba.
  • Tasting most delicious cuisines of Peshawar which are known for their taste.
  • Enjoying multi coloured and pristine music of pashtuns , which provides food for soul.
Itinerary: Gandhara Civilization  Pakistan Tour
Receiving from airport and dropping at the decided place is included in the package.

The commencement of journey starts with the speculative voyage towards the First foot print of Ghandhara civilization, Taxilla is 34.3km away from capital.The first site under exploration will be Taxila museum which showcases stone sculptures dated back to 1 and 4Century AD, Stucco and Terracota Sculptures of 5th Century AD, Gold and Silver Jewellery of 3rd BC to 1 AD any many more. After visualising the Artefacts the next stop will be Bhir Mound. It was the first planned city of Ghandhara Civilization, a thorough exploration and study will be conducted there.The next destination will be the City of Sirkap, from 7th BC.It is attributed to the Greek architecture. Lunch will be served in open air in a soothing garden with local dishe Beef Nihari in the presence of folk music. Soon after, lunch Kanpur dam and caves would be next spot which are dated back to 1000 CE. Bhomala Stupas and Rajika stupas would also be explored and then return to Islamabad for dinner and night stay.

In the early morning ,the mission will set towards Peshawar ,the capital of KPK province of Pakistan and at a distance of 183.2km from Islamabad. Breakfast will be done with chappal kabab , naan and chai. The exploration will be started from Peshawar museum. It has the largest collection of Ghandhara civilization in the world. It holds, Buddhist stone sculptures, Stucco panels , architectural elements, terracotta figurines and many more. The second stop would be Qissa khwani Bazzar, the most busiest and oldest place. It exhibits shops of local art and heritage, cuisine, musical instruments and all other items related to monotonous life. Goori gathi bazar proposes its own charm ,here luch with fresh, lamb karahi and Kabuli polao would be attended. Next destiny will be Bab e Khyber ,from where invaders found their path of attack. Seethi muhallah will be explored, after evening tea.It contains seven mansions of unique central Asian style. The charm of Rubab music will provide rejoice to soul.

It is at a distance of 64.6km from Peshawar. Takht bahi hosts UNESCO’S declared World Heritage site, Chatpat Buddhist Monastery dated back from 1 to 4 AD. The first destine will be Dir Chakdara Museum, it contains jewellery items, weapons ,household goods and musical instruments which purely depicts local culture. The next spot will be Buddhist Archaeological Complex known as Andan Dheraj.It has the most exhibiting relics of Ghandhara civilization which are marvellously well preserved.It is the manifestation of pristine Buddhist architecture.The evacuations include Monastery along with Stupa court and Assembly hall.The adventure ends with tradinal dinner of Dum Pukht and Aushak.It will be followed by a cultural music and dance.

This enchanted valley is at a distance of 113 km from Takht bahi. It possesses both , the historical significance as being cradle of Buddhism and natural beauty.Post breakfast, the first destiny will be Swat Museum.It displays plethora of artefacts of Ghandhara civilization , ranging from daily useable items to stupas.The second target will be Ghandhara statues and Friezes which reflect the memory of Buddha.It will be followed by Gulkada 1 and Gulkada 2 , the Saidu stupa , Arab Khan Cheena which demonstrates 8 rock carvings and amalgamation of 6 stupas. It will provide an opportunity for in-depth observation and record of Ghandhara civilization. The day will be end with local dinner in Marghazar Palace hotel followed by a brief cultural show.

The enraptured valley of Malam Jabba is at a distance of 48.9km from Swat. On the way , the exploration will be done on the rock carvings at Fizagat which display the art of Ghandhara and buddhist scriptures. An observation of Jehanabad Buddha, which is acknowledged as second largest Carving statute in the world, will be conducted. After a light brunch, there will be a walking trek journey to Obagate which ends at ancient rock carvings in Kharushti language script .Lunch , will be done in Mallam jabba , the natural beauty will be explored by walking on uphill. The serene nature, Alpine trees, sweet songs of birds , rystic sound of water and cold breeze would take mind and soul to a higher world. Dinner will be taken in Swat.

The first spot will be the Grand Mahmud Ghazni Mosque constructed in 1048 CE in Odigram Mountains , the invasion of Ghazni declared the end of Ghandhara civilization. The next will be Shingardar Stupa, which was erected by King Uttrasena associated with a folk storey of turning his white elephant into stone. Third would be Amluk Dara Stupa and then Nemogram Stupa and associated Monastery.The day will come to an end with a grand open air dinner followed by cultural music and dance.

The splendid valley of Buner is at 93.7km from swat. The distance will be covered through Karakar pass which is passing through the Elum Mountain which is considered to be the home of Jagaianu Sar.It was mediation place and seat of Rana Chandara. Further encounter will be with Amluk Dara Stupa followed by Najaram Archaeological site. In Buner the ,exploration of Rani gate which is expands upto 4km and reflects the buddhist ruins dated back to 2 CE. Trout fish will be served in lunch. After, shopping in local bazar ,the mission will be headed towards Swat and down towards Islamabad.

Description of Main Areas Under Consideration:

The modern well planned lush green city is considered to be the second most beautiful capital after London by International ranking. It serves many worth visiting sites like Faisal Mosque, Margella Hills, Lake View park , Shadra and many more.


One of the oldest cities in the world ,the city holds its charms both in its cuisines and its historical significance. Modern day city is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Buddhist rulers made Peshawar the center of Buddhism. Its old name is described as Purushapura which means City of Men. Gandhara Civilization  Pakistan Tour

During the zenith of Kushan Empire , King Kanishka made it Capital. Kanishka Stupa was built which was the tallest building in the antic world. Moreover, the Khyber Pass in Peshawar served as crossing point to the invaders like Huns, Ghazni, Alexander and Mughal emperor Baber.Therefore, the city hosts variety of olf relics and remains of ancient glories. Only Peshawar Museum holds almost 14000 utilities belong to Ghandhara civilization. Its Qissa khawani Bazar has sustained its glory since the known establishments here.


The modern day Swat valley is famous for its enchanted natural beauty derive from snow top mountains, Green carpeted hills and fresh fountains. It has also established its value in historical domain. Gandhara Civilization  Pakistan Tour

It remained centre of Ghandhara Civilization after Peshawar. Therefore, it holds But Kara archaeological site which has 215 Stupas of Buddhism. Arab Khan Cheena, which has 6 stupas along with rock carvings dated back to 7th century. It is 975.3 meters high and carries the mesmerizing Falak Sheer Mountain. It has also got its fame from Ideal wood carvings, embrioded shawlls and delicious cuisines.


It is in Punjab province ,30 km from Islamabad.It also served as cradle of Buddhism. Its ancient name was Takhshasila which means City of Cut Stones.It possesses Dharmarajika Stupa which is termed as largest Buddhist settlement which dates back to time of Ashoka.

It is also believed that the remains of Buddha are burrued here. Likewise, the City of Bhir Mound is also present here, first evacuation carried out in 1970s and eastern part of about 1200×730 yards was dug out. Later evacuations were performed in 1998 to 2000 which brought out the western portion of the planned city. Gandhara Civilization  Pakistan Tour

Takht Bahi

It is home to the oldest Chakdara monastery of Buddhism construction started in 1CE and further expanded in 3rd and 4th CE. It has inscriptions by Ghodopharas. It is termed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980.It is the focal point of Buddhist architecture.

The Buddhist archaeological complex is known to be Andan Dheraj which has Chatpat Monastery whose construction is believed to be started in between 1 to 4 AD.

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