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Balochistan Food Tour (Crossroads Adventure)

Overview of the tour

Do you want to make your day with fresh, juicy, organically cooked meat food? Whether it be the lamp, chicken, fish, or any other sea food. The remote, south western province of Pakistan has no comparison. Enjoy the heavenly aromatic savory dishes and invigorate your craving for taste. From extensive plateaus of rough terrains to breath-taking coastal belts, the topography of Balochistan is fantastic in every sense. The province is home to the country’s most amazing natural sites. Balochistan holds some great places to go if you are a seafood lover. On this food tour with Crossroads Adventure and the company, we will taste some delicious culinary of Balochistan province of Pakistan to enjoy juicy seafood dishes.

How would you be Entertained on this Trip?
  • Do you want to collect some golden memories of rocks, and fresh beaches? Avail the opportunity of spending unending, and unforgettable moments in nature. Get mingle with the distinctive natural artifacts in the form of distinguishing rocky cliffs, far-fetching neat beaches, and the stretching desert.
  • Get engage with the lovely Baloch Culture, their costumes, language, music, cusines, and architecture are marvelous and beyond the wordy description. Explore this diversified cultural variation thoroughly.
  • Can you resist crispy Salami Fish in the cool breeze of sparkling organic beaches? Delve deep in the lap of mother-nature, enjoy feast with delicious healthy food. Taste the heavenly textured the world famous Balochi Sajji, organically cooked in a hand-made oven in ground, it retains the aroma, the meat juice, and divine sensation of grilled animal fat.
  • But wait, how can we ignore the flavorsome seafood? Feel free you will get it in abundance. But entirely in Balochi style, experience the appetizing white meat cooked in traditional way. Don’t forget to taste rice, it will be a lip-smacking experience for you.
Is this the Desired Trip for You?
  • Baluchistan is a hot, and humid place so be cautious about the scorching sun.
  • Security of the regions is satisfactory, but self care is mandatory.
  • You can plan a journey at any time but most preferable one is spring, or autmn, as winters, and summers both might be intolerable.
A Brief Upshot:
  • Starting Point
  • Ending point
  • Primary Destinations.

  • Group Size.

  • Group Age.
  • Karachi , capital of Sindh province
  • Karachi , capital of Sindh province
  • Khuzdar, Gadani, Quetta, Gwadar, Ziarat
  • 2 to 15
  • 18 to 65
Services included in the package 
  • Invitation letter
  • Airport transfers

  • Meals (3 meals a day)
  • Free accommodation , entrance tickets, and transportation for the team leader (Mr.Manoel)

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast 
  • Transportation and fuel
  • Service of experienced English-speaking guide ((accommodation, food, wages)

  • Expenses of driver (accommodation, food, wages)
  • All toll taxes
  • All parking charges
Services not included in the package
  • International flights
  • Extra at hotels like drinks, laundry, phone calls, and room services,
  • Entrance tickets
  • Insurance liability
  • Tips, items not mentioned above
  • Any other not mentioned above 
Trip Highlights:
  • Enjoy the whole experience made easy and manageable by Crossroads Adventure Leader.
  • Explore the diversity of landscapes in one region.
  • Taste seafood treats throughout the tour in Balochistan
  • Visit the Hingol National Park and get amazed by the nature carved mountains and active mud volcanoes.
  • Visit Gwadar port and its crystal clear water beaches.
  • Snorkeling, swimming, and cliff-diving in the Moola Gorge
  • Hiking across surrounding hills, and long chats with the locals at a bonfire and a cup of tea.
  • Provide a treat to your taste buds with savory delicacies of meat including white meat of crabs, prawns, and trouts.
Arrival at Karachi Airport. Only a two-hour drive from Karachi lies the coastal town of Gadani in the Lasbela district which is home to the world’s third-largest ship-breaking yard. Transfer to a nearby hotel. Next to the ship-breaking yard is one of the most beautiful untouched beaches in Pakistan. Blessed with pink rocks, smooth sand, and turquoise water, Gadani Beach is like a piece of Heaven. Enjoy an aerial view from the rocks or dip your feet in the refreshing sea, and relax. Overnight stay in Gadani.

After some delicious breakfast we will drive a few miles on the Makran Coastal Highway, and enter Hingol National Park, the largest national park in Pakistan. Unlike most national parks in the north, Hingol National Park isn’t known for green valleys and peaks but deserts and unique rock formations like the “Sphynx” and the “Princess of Hope”. A full-day excursion of the park including Hinglaj Mandir and mud volcanoes. Overnight stay in Hingol.

: Starting the day with some morning breakfast we will then embark on our journey towards Kund Malir Beach where one can do anything from boating to fishing, bathing, surfing, paragliding, and ATV rides. Camping and overnight stay with bonfire and cooking the fish in BBQ style.

Drive to Ormara Beach which is another popular resort beach in Balochistan, west of Hingol National Park. The beach is a popular camping spot where we will camp or rent cabins and cook BBQ seafood. Due to the low population density of the coastal areas, Ormara Beach is a fantastic spot for stargazing. Overnight stay.

After an early breakfast we will embark on the ultimate road trip to Gwadar which is one of the most fascinating cities in Pakistan used to be a fishing village, and now home to the deepest seaport in the world and on the way to becoming a sprawling ultra-modern city like Dubai. Staying at Gwadar Seaport we will enjoy all kinds of dishes made of seafood including crabs, prawns, oysters, trout, and many more.
In the evening we will drive to the top of the so-called Hammerhead Mountain near Gwadar to enjoy the sunset vista over the town. Overnight stay back at Gwadar port.

Morning hike to the Crocodile Mountain, from where we’ll admire breathtaking views over Gwadar Bay whilst enjoying some snacks. We will spend the rest of the day chilling out and swimming at the gorgeous beaches of Gaz and Jiwani. Dinner and overnight in Gwadar.
Morning drive to Quetta, the bustling capital of Balochistan. Full day drive and overnight at Quetta.
:  After breakfast spend few hours exploring Quetta, an ancient city full of charmingly crumbling buildings, colorful bazaars, and friendly people yummy food. After lunch, we’ll visit Ziarat, a traditional resort town surrounded by lush vegetation, colonial buildings, and spectacular waterfalls. Scrumptious street food dinner and overnight in Quetta.

After breakfast, we will embark on a long morning drive to Khuzdar, the ancient capital of the Brahui Kingdom and a major transport hub in Western Pakistan. Overnight stay in Khuzdar.

After breakfast, we’ll head to Moola Chotok, a hidden natural sanctuary located north of Khuzdar District. We’ll spend the whole day in this conveniently isolated, divinely calm, and wholly divine place of natural beauty and ancient history. Sajji dinner/lunch, and overnight stay in Khuzdar.

After enjoying a last Baluchi-style breakfast together on the side of the Kolachi River we’ll drive back to Karachi, full day drive and overnight at Karachi

After breakfast take a Karachi city tour and, in the evening, drop off at the airport for international departure .

Exciting Activities:
  • Gadani Town,

  • Hingol
  • Exploration of Kund Malir Beach,
  • Gwadar
  • Hiking
  • Quetta city Tour,
  • Ziarat,
  • Beach Excursion
  • National Park Excursion
  • Ormara Beach
    Gwadar City Tour
  • City Tour
  • in Crocodile Mountain
  • Focus on Food
  • scrumptious food experience in nature
Description of places and cuisines

Offering captivating views of the Arabian Sea and unspoiled coastline, Gadani Beach is among the many natural attractions home to the rugged province. Named after a small fishing village with around 10,000 inhabitants in Balochistan’s Lasbela District, the beautiful coast of Gadani beach is surrounded by rocky cliffs. Scrumptiously mouth-watering dishes made of local fish make the whole beach experience top-notch. Have a mouth-watering serving of seawater fish at a local restaurant, ride camels, enjoy boat rides or go on a fishing escapade. Take a hike on marble rocks and catch amazing views of the Arabian Sea from above the rocky hillside. Have an ultimate camping experience by spending the night stargazing by the bonfire.


Home to Pakistan’s largest National Park, Hingol is located along with the Makran coastal range in Balochistan. In the center of the park lies Hinglaj Mata Mandir, considered to be 200,000 years old. The Mandir, the uniquely shaped rocks by nature, and the subtly active Mud Volcanoes in the park attract much tourism every year.


Gwadar serves as the third-largest sea port in Pakistan where the main tourist attraction is Astola Island, also known as “Island of the Seven Hills”, which is a small uninhabited Pakistani island in the Arabian Sea and also the largest island in Pakistan, it is the embodiment of Balochistan’s undermined beauty. The Gwadar seaport, famous for its fish catch, serves crabs, prawns, and Surma fish as a delicacy to their guests. Other simple but delicious dishes include Chanay Ki Daal & Sabzi Tarkari, Special Surma Fish Fry, Masala Sajji, Green Pumpkin, and Coconut Halwa, Khatti (Sour) Daal and Rice with special mango and olive pickle, and Mutton Rosh.


Also called “Fruit Garden of Pakistan,” Quetta is the provincial capital of Balochistan. This small city also has many popular eating houses offering different types of dishes. Among the popular dishes is Sajji (leg of lamb), which is tender, and is not very spicy. It is a whole leg of lamb marinated in local herbs and spices and barbecued beside an open fire. It is very popular among the locals and is offered with great insistence to the guests. Very few places can compete with Quetta valley in having a wide range of tasteful fruits, exported to all parts of the country as well as abroad. There you can find plums, peaches, pomegranates, apricots, apples, olives, and different types of melon, water-melon, cherries, pistachios, almonds, and other dry fruits.


The town lies along the Kolāchi River at the apex of a narrow valley in the Pab (Pubb) Range and lies at an elevation of 1,237 m above sea level. It is located on an old caravan route to the Arabian Sea and is surrounded by orchards. The town is a market center for wool, and deposits of barite are worked nearby. Sajji and Namkeen Roast are traditional dishes served to guests. Sajji is a mouth-watering lamb prepared around the fire. Namkeen Roast is also a type of mutton roast dish.

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