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Baisakhi Mela (Festival) Pakistan. Baisakhi Mela Pakistan Tour 2021

Trip Overview:Baisakhi Mela Pakistan Tour 2021

Are you interested in celebrating the colorful revered festivals? If the answer is yes, then don’t miss out on the most celebrating, the festival of western Punjab, the beautiful Baisakhi Mela. If you belong to Sikh Community, you will be thoroughly aware of the importance of this holy festival. Get an opportunity to visit the maximum possible dedicated Gurdwaras in Pakistan which are not only famous for their deep connection to the venerated personalities in Sikhism, but also their adorable architecture, and soul-refreshing environment. Wait, we have not skipped the architectural masterpieces of Lahore. Baisakhi Mela Pakistan Tour 2021

The ideal time to plan a journey in March to May. If you want to take part in Mela then decide on a trip in April.

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How Would You be Entertained in this Trip? Baisakhi Mela Pakistan Tour 2021

  • Celebrating the famous Baisakhi Mela at the most respected place the NanKana Saheb might be a long awaiting dream of some of our guests. Make your aspiration come true. Join us on this esteemed trip to recharge yourself. Baisakhi Mela Pakistan Tour 2021

  • Punjab is known for its enriched culture. Get a gist of the most colorful and distinguishing cultural pattern of Punjab on Baisakhi Mela. You would be able to taste the gustful desserts, witness the lovely clothing of locals, the folk music, and the enchanting dance moves.
  • Don’t you have got the opportunity to visualize the amalgamation of different valuable art and architecture? This time you will get one, a thorough visit of the historic Lahore city will provide you the mesmerizing chance to experience the distinctive architectural monuments.

  • Are you a nature lover? We have something interesting to satisfy your craving. A deep excursion to the modern yet natural city of Islamabad will refresh your monotonous life, enjoy the colors of city life, and the smoothness of nature side by side.
Is this the Desired Trip for You?
  • If you are from Sikh Community, then it is a golden opportunity to visit the holy sites freely.
  • The areas under consideration are mostly plains, thus no risk of aggravation of height-related disorders.
  • The security situation of the region is satisfactory, but self-care is mandatory.
A Brief Upshot:
  • Starting Point
  • Ending Point
  • Primary Destinations.

  • Group Size.

  • Group Age.

  • Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

  • Lahore, capital of Punjab Province of Pakistan
  • Hasan Abdal, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi
  • 5 to 20
  • 15 to 70

Trip Highlights: Baisakhi Mela Pakistan Tour 2021

  • Witness the glowing colors of Punjabi Culture on the occasion of Baisakhi Mela.
  • Examination of the archeological masterpieces of the Mughal Era in Lahore, including UNESCO’S declared World Heritage Sites like Lahore Fort, Badishahi Mosque, Wazir Khan Mosque.
  • Satisfy the aesthetic sense by the natural beauty of the modern Islamabad City.
  • Experience the historical touch while visiting the old Rawalpindi City.
  • Visit the most cherished Sikh Gurdwaras in different places under a single adventurous plan.
  • Get insights into the acknowledged Buddhist Civilization by visiting the Taxila Museum.
  • Enjoy the splendid experience of rejuvenation while visualizing the majestic sites on the way.
After a warm and traditional Punjabi welcome at the airport or the border, you will be transferred to the hotel and check-in. In the afternoon, we will go for a half-day tour of the old part of Rawalpindi city and visit Raja Bazaar. Overnight stay in hotel at Islamabad/ Rawalpindi.
After breakfast, we will leave for the Islamabad city tour by visiting Shakarparian, Lok Virsa Museum, and Faisal Mosque. In the afternoon we will go for a half-day tour to Gurdwara Panja Sahib (Hassan Abdal), and there will be spare time for sightseeing later on we drive back to Islamabad/ Rawalpindi. Overnight stay at Islamabad/ Rawalpindi.
After breakfast we will proceed for a full-day excursion for Panja Sahib (Hassan Abdal), we will also visit the tomb of Baba Walli Kandhari (a friend of Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji). If the time allows we will also visit Taxila Museum, you will get enough knowledge about the marvelous Buddhist civilization, and rest time will be spent on site seeing. Thousands of pilgrims are gathered at Panja Saheb to celebrate the holy Baisakhi Mela here at Hassanabd. Overnight stay in hotel at Islamabad/ Rawalpindi.
Today, we will leave for Nankana Sahib, the most sacred place of Sikhism, for the darshan of Gurdwara Janamasthan (the birthplace of Baba Nanak Ji), en route we will also visit Gurdwara Sacha Sauda, and Dera Saheb, and other famous holy sites of the Sikh religion. After visiting all the revered Gurdwaras at Nankana Sahib we will proceed to Lahore, on arrival transfer to hotel and check-in. Overnight stay at Lahore
After breakfast, we will start a city tour of the majestic Lahore which is the center of Islamic, Hindu, and Persian architecture. We will plan an adventure to the famous Lahore Fort, and Badshahi Masjid, afterward we will visit Gurdwara Dera Saheb (Guru Arjun Dev Ji), and Samadi Maharaja Ranjeet Singh. In the afternoon we will also visit Gurdwara Chuna Mandi and Gurdwara Sheed Ganj, situated in the old part of Lahore city. Overnight stay in a hotel in Lahore.
After breakfast, you will be dropped off at the airport for our flight back home or dropped off at the Wahga border. End of our services.

Leaving at the airport and saying goodbye is included in the planned trip.

Description of Significant Places
Baisakhi Mela

A colorful event in Punjab is known for its religious significance in Sikhism but it is also celebrated by other communities as it also presents a harvest festival, and also associated with New Year’s celebrations, as it marks the commencement of Hindu Solar Year. However, it holds distinctive significance for Sikh Community, as on this day their last Guru Gobind Singh announced the elimination of all the existing differences in the form of higher, and lower casts. A special prayer session in Gurdwaras is organized during the occasion and is followed by mouthwatering sweets, and local dishes serving. Music and dance gathering are also organized to add more vigor. Baisakhi Mela Pakistan Tour 2021


The foundation of this cultural center is dated back to the 1st and 7th century AD. It remained the traditional capital of the region of Punjab for centuries. However, it reached its peaks during the Mughal period especially Akbar the Great declared it his capital. The beloved son of Akbar, Jehangir, and the renowned empress Nor Jehan are buried here. From 1584 to 1595, Emperor Akbar completed the construction of the City Walls with 12 Gates and the great Lahore Fort. Emperor Aurangzeb built an unmatched monument of Badshahi Mosque and the enchanted Shalimar Gardens. Britishers also contributed through the YMCA, Central Museum, High Court Building, Montgomery Hall, Government College, Tollinton Market, and GPO buildings, a combination of Victorian, Mughal, and Gothic Styles. Hence, there is a lot to witness in the ancient city.

Hasan Abdal

The historic city in the northwestern part of Punjab holds importance for Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs. The city is filled with Gurdwaras, ancient mosques, and significant temples. It also hosts the archeological sites of Buddhism. The historical place of Punja Sahib is respected by all three communities. Moreover, the ancient Bazars glorify its value.

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