Naltar valley; A perfect place to unplug and connect with nature

Naltar valley is a forested region known for its dramatic mountain scenery. This valley is famous for its forests, greenery and lakes. The population of Naltar mainly comprises Gujjars.

Naltar valley is also well known for its Ski resort. Due to its serene beauty, colorful water Naltar lakes are famous in the world. The valley is covered by snow caped peaks and pine trees surrounded by lush greenery making it appealing for visitors.

Naltar seven colors lake

Naltar seven colors lakeThere are many lakes at Naltar valley but three of them are very famous. The first and the most famous is the seven-color lake Known to feature seven different shades of green. The second lake is blue color lake, it is called blue color lake because of its blue color. The third lake is Pari lake and Pari in the local language means fairy and it needs 25 minutes trekking from blue color lake to reach Pari Lake where you will also find a nomadic way of life with sheered and cattle’s.

Nomadic life at Naltar valley

Nomadic life at Naltar valley


A paved but narrow road goes from Astore to Karakoram Highway, parallel to the river. The river and the road, both are equally frightening. Astore River merges in River Indus from is situated at a drive of 2.5 hours from Gilgit. World’s tastiest potatoes are cultivated here.

Blue lake Naltar valley (4)

Blue lake Naltar valley (4)

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