Our beloved guest Matgorzata Pietraszewska from Poland who has never travelled out of Europe in her entire life is in Hunza these days. This is the first and the longest travel of her life.

Her love for nature and especially for Hunza Pakistan finally brought her to visit Pakistan. She could not speak English but thanks to the technology, and Google translator app for making it possible to communicate.

Matgorzata is now in Hunza valley spending the best days of her life. She is thanking herself for making the decision and visiting Pakistan, particularly Hunza. “This journey has changed my perception about Pakistan and I am now eager to showcase this beautiful side of Pakistan with my fellows back home” who have this scary image of Pakistan because of misleading media portrayal, she told me.

As there are no direct flights from Poland to Pakistan, therefore she had to fly from Poland to Germany first and to Turkey and then all the way to Pakistan.

When I received her at the airport at Islamabad on April 17, in the early morning at 4:00am, I could see her sparkling face filled with happiness, sense of fulfilment and joy. I could not speak her language, but we shared some good laugh and a nice coffee together.

After an hour’s break she left for Gilgit by air where Altaf Ahmed our kind team member received her and they are now exploring Hunza.

We encourage all of you to travel to Pakistan, experience the beauty, widen your understanding and refresh your perspectives of different countries and societies.
We believe that peace can be brought through love and understanding. Let’s get out of our preconceptions, let’s rethink, respect and embrace each other and grow together as a human being.

In the pictures Altaf Ahmed our tour manager is with Matgorzata at Hunza Valley.