Shalimar garden

Shalimar garden

Pakistan is full of attracting and historical places everywhere. The history of Pakistan itself speaks about the ancient civilization and almost all of them have preserved in the beautiful way.

The historical places in Pakistan include extraordinary worth watching buildings and many sites. People from all over the world come to Pakistan and enjoy themselves after visiting the beautiful places here.

UNESCO) has enlisted six Pakistani sites as ‘world heritage sites’. These include the magnificent Shalimar Gardens. the fort in Lahore, the Makli monuments in Sindh, the ruins of Mohenjodaro also in Sindh, Rohtas Fort near Jehlum, Buddhist ruins in Taught-i-Bahi and the ancient city of Taxila.

18 other sites, including the Baltit fort in Hunza and the tomb of Shah Rukne Alam in Multan, have been classified as ‘tentative sites’ by the same. Apart from the above-mentioned places there hundreds of them to surprise you.