Most of our treks are on the majestic Karakoram mountain range and some on Hindukush. Apart from physical exercise, our treks become a source of inspiration and means of happiness for our clients. These are challenging experiences passing through glaciers, mountains, lakes with a lot of twist and turns, but reaching your destination gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. We hope that coming out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself on these tough trails gives you the faith and confidence to deal with real life problems and transform you to a confident and more positive about life.

Walking and trekking in pristine lands is a prodigious way to feel revitalized and refreshed and to earn a lifetime of memorable


Whether you want to trek your way to Nanga Parbat, or reach K2 basecamp, enjoy Hunza Valley tour, a trip to Deosai national park, or Chirtal Gol National park,

camp near Karambar cross Chillinji pass, trekking to exquisite lakes of Naltar and the like, we offer all types of walking and trekking

tours to suit the budget and satisfy your adventurous soul.

Pakistan’s northern areas of Gilgit-Baltistan is blessed with three of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges namely; incredible

Karakoram, the imposing Himalayas and the flamboyant Hindukush. The diversity of these three different mountain ranges reveals

itself in the form of rich natural environment made of mountains, glaciers, rivers, streams, lakes and grasslands.

This enchanting landscape of northern areas makes it a seamless destination for trekking tours in Pakistan.