Enlightening trail offers an opportunity to encounter new art, culture, music, heritage and to understand their interrelation and intersection with other components of the society. We uncover the colourful history of different cultures, and civilizations, stories behind the hidden iconic landmarks.

If your wanderlust is enamored by the cultural or heritage sites, then Pakistan is an impeccable destination for you.

Pakistan is home to some of the finest historical or cultural heritage sites worldwide, many of these places are also included in the

UNESCO World Heritage sites. From the remnants of ancient civilization of Mohenjo-Daro, magnificent Buddhist ruins of Texila,

ruins of Buddhist monetary of Takht-i-Bahi, outstanding architecture of Lahore Fort, Rohtas Fort, Altit and Baltit Fort, Ganesh 1000-

Year-Old historical Settlement, exquisite Shalimar Gardens, Chaqchan Mosque, to historical monuments of Makli and Thatta,

Pakistan has an extremely enriching and diverse history.

Join us to immerse with the immaculate old structures or heritage that is centuries old and have a stimulating and knowledgeable

whirlwind tour to travel back in time and return with the wisdom of the long bygone era.