Have you ever heard of the Kalash valley and their unique festival called “Chilam Joshi festival” ?

The Kalash people, also called Kafir (Non-believer), Black Robe and Siah Posh, live in the three sub-valleys of Kalash; Bumboret, Rumbor and Birir, in the modern-day District Chitral, Pakistan. These places are famous for celebrating the festivalsof Joshi, Uchau and Chawmos.

Chilam Joshi, also known as Chilim Jusht,is a four day Kalash spring festival, held on the 13th of May in the three Kalash valleys. The Kalash people make unique arrangements for this festival every year. People prepare various milk desserts and also local wine.

“During the festival, Kalash people dance to welcome the spring season. Kalash bachelors also select their life partners in this festival. They do not make special arrangements for marriages, but on the last day of Joshi, young Kalashi couple with their life partners”

Chilam joshi festival kalash

Chilam joshi festival kalash

Women usually wear traditional black robes with vivid embroidery and handicraft caps.Their attire also includesneck accessories, which gives the Kalash womentheir unique appearance. Men wear Shalwaar Qameez, while children wear smaller versions of adult clothing after the age of four.These people speak the language called Kalasha which is believed to be a sub-branch of the Indo-Aryan group.

Chilam joshi festival kalash

Chilam joshi festival kalash

The Kalash have kept their ancient traditions alive, including superstitions about menstruation and pregnancy. During these times, women are isolated, and live in a place called Bashali.Although women are allowed to work in the fields, they are not allowed to go home.


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