Rehman’s Homestay Experience

” Warm home in a cold autumn “

I was contemplating to stay more in Hunza or going down south to experience Lahore, which has a reputation of really good food and interesting busy pace.


Apricot cake -Passu gojal

“The parents were so caring and loving. Mama speaks no English but we talked anyway lol. I really enjoyed the hiking to the Passu White Glacier with Baba, listening to his experiences, in awe to witness the energy of a man of 70 years”

Ghulkin Gojal

Rehman’s family

But having to read a lot of recommendations and being in contact with the man himself, I chose to stay with Rehman’s family on my last leg of the northern Pakistan. And I made the right decision and may left my heart there.
Rehman’s family was so accommodating it is really hard to be in that situation when you came from an accommodating culture as well. The lovely wife is a teacher, and she cooks great food every-time while being modest about it. The children were cute and very friendly, we had some fun time together hiking up to the Ghulkin black glacier, playing card games and some book readings.

white glacier

And Rehman was really true to what I have read about him before. He made the very best of my experience in upper Hunza. We went for a walk around Borith Lake and that special Apricot Cake restaurant with the view of Passu Cones. Since I have done the bridges a few days before, he brought me to one of the school there to teach something in Maths lol and meet the energetic teachers there.

Crossroads Adventure-Hunza (1)

Ghulkin Gojal

The tour of Upper Hunza also includes Gulmit Village, which has a cultural museum and the Old House where hardworking ladies made some beautiful traditional carpets. And it was the first time I saw apples on trees! That’s a pure delight for a Malaysian girl lol.

Rehman’s kids

p.s: I am thinking of gathering people for the next trip in April 2019. In Spring, there is a beautiful Cherry Blossom season and really nice weather. PM me for bookings, itineraries and price.

with Rehman



Akma Sharif