About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of versatile and experienced professionals including advisory board, ambassadors, experienced staff, tour guides and team leads having years of experiences in the tourism industry. We are aiming for our excursions to be impactful for our clients, and for the communities they visit.

Our Philosophy

Our trails focus on to make a positive contribution to people’s lives by helping to them in advancing their understanding about communities and countries and also inspire people to come together share ideas, make meaningful connections, share knowledge, expertise, enjoy the human diversity and bring peace and harmony, and make the world a better place for all.

What we offer

We design and organize enriching walking, hiking, trekking and touring experiences through Asia, East Africa and Middle East to explore positive impact where people and the planet intersect in fascinating ways.Our excursions enable you to not only experience the stunning beauty of these regions but also become an important anchor of your life. We wish that the time and places of your experiences on our excursions give you an opportunity to reflect on life, opening your hearts and eyes for a better understanding of yourselves and the outer world.Our excursions offer you the chance to visit different communities and countries, interact with locals and refresh your perspectives that could help to transform you as a person by opening your heart and mind, removing the stereotypes as you might have about specific countries and communities and also explore positivity and improve your confidence, spreads positive energy by sharing your stories and life-altering experiences with others.

We aim to raise awareness about our living planet in areas of climate change, sustainable development, societal development, and the complex relationship between communities and the natural environments in which they live.

Why Us


Our trails are designed with a composite and integrative approach to enrich your understanding of the local economic, ecological, and social systems.


Our excursions are with social motive, which are to improve your mental and physical health, provide an opportunity to learn new cultures, exchange knowledge, make meaningful connections and immerse you in nature to be happy and more positive.


With our engaging and interactive learning approach in our trails, you have the opportunity to connect with community stakeholders to share new ideas, share capacities, connect the dots, explore new opportunities for initiatives to offer a solution to the local communities

Who can join?

Our excursions are designed to meet your interest and choice. These excursions are for all age and budget groups, depending on your choice for the quality and level of service s.Our trails are suitable for families, adventurers, adventurers, hikers, trekkers, university students, friend group, and social entrepreneurs.

Our Team

We have professional and the best travel and tour guides to make your journey special. We make sure that our tour leaders are patient, engaging, empathic, enthusiastic and willing to go out of the way to offer you the best and quality service.Our tour leads among the best in the industry who have years of experience in the field giving our clients the best of their services

Amin Tejpar

Dubai UAE / Canada

Mentor / Adviser

is a passionate advocate for the public understanding of science, innovation, and technology with a strong commitment to promoting science education in the MENA region. As educator and speaker, his work addresses the integration of science, technology and society with a focus on innovation in the Arab and wider Muslim world. Amin is currently pursuing a PhD, exploring the relationship between culture and technology in the GCC. He is graduate of Columbia University’s Teachers College and has a background in science education, molecular biology, and science & society studies.
As educator, he has created programs in environmental science, life sciences, and molecular biology to explore global issues around biotechnology and sustainable technologies. At Zayed University, he helped develop Iktashif (DISCOVERY), a core curriculum that aims to cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills and inspire interest in science and technology in the United Arab Emirates. A proponent of historical and cultural approaches to science education, he has served as content specialist for a book, lecture series, and film on the history of science and technology in Arabic societies.

Harvard University Graduate School of Education – Education & Human Development
Director of The Mawada Project

Noha Mahdi

Dubai, UAE

Country Representative



Trekking and Tour Manager

Sana Jamal

Communication Manager


Tour Guide

Dilshad Begum


“We hope that our excursions help our clients to advance their understanding about the communities and countries which they visit, make meaningful connections, enlighten humanity and see the world from a new perspective.”

Sultan Uddin,
Director & Founder